As the New Year approaches, many of us are once again making resolutions to be healthy and get in better shape.  With so many avenues to get healthy, I wanted to first break some of the misconceptions people may have about working out, losing weight and being healthy overall.  I began by consulting the professionals.  We hope the following Q & A’s help bring you closer to feeling confident that you too can be healthy, drop those extra pounds and get in the best shape for 2013.

Q. Support of your family and home are essential in the success of any health and fitness regime, but how do you feel about fitness buddies or partners? Do you feel they enhance your level of accountability and why?

A. We feel that having a buddy or partner to workout with is key!  It gives you extra accountability knowing that someone is waiting for you at the gym or to show up for that workout you may not be in the “mood” to do!  They make you think twice as it is often easy to let yourself down but much harder to let a friend or partner down.  This is why our second annual “Fit for Life Challenge” at Afterburn Fitness is a teammate challenge!  We feel that having that extra accountability with a “buddy system” will keep people on track with diets and workouts.  Plus it’s fun to have a little friendly competition. – Tony Velasco, Afterburn Fitness

Q. With so many fitness related products available on the market, how does one best decide what products to use?  Do you have a go-to product that always shows results when training someone?

A. The Paseo Club offers DOTFIT, a free on-line tracking system that ultimately works with the member’s health history, lifestyle, and fitness goals to monitor caloric intake and output.  Along with that, there is the ability for their personal trainer to design workouts and make suggestions for them on their profile.  It is a very comprehensive, yet user-friendly system designed by NASM and Dr. OZ, and includes nutrition information and articles appealing to all types of people.  After completing the personal profile, there is a specific supplement recommendation of products that can be purchased through the website including proteins, bars, multivitamins, and workout boosters!”– Wayne Brouhard, The Paseo Club

Q. Supplements are a huge part of nutrition these days, but why are they so important?

A. In today’s fast paced society there are so many factors that contribute to people needing to take supplements to get the nutrition they need.  Foods now are processed and stripped of their nutrients.  Organic food, free range chicken, and grass fed beef is more expensive and takes time out of busy schedules.  Supplements help to give individuals the nutrition they lack or a quick easy meal they can have on the go. It is a healthy vitamin and mineral packed alternative to fast food, which is loaded with fat and low quality calories. – Dave Eastham, Fitness Edge Boot Camp

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