Being a great host often includes having a home bar…Not only does your home become the best place for parties and gatherings, but it also serves as the perfect place for you to store your wine, liquors, drink mixers and bar accessories.

Personalized home bars are becoming more and more commonplace as it lends itself to providing guests with the perfect space to socialize.  Be it New Year’s Eve, birthdays or weekend parties, a home bar is the ideal place to gather. So if you enjoy entertaining, or find that your residence tends to be the gathering spot for family and friends, leave the kitchen for cooking, and the bar for congregating!
In addition to home bars, personal wine cellars and vineyards are also becoming more popular.  Not only does it create the proper environment for wine to stay protected and age properly, but it’s also an excellent way to enjoy your wine at any time of the year.
Why not kick it up a notch and think outside the bottle? While it may seem daunting, cultivating your own grapes can be enjoyable, and yielding your own fruit for your first bottle of wine can be fun.
From personal bars to wine cellars, vineyards and more, we have taken a peek into some of our favorite Santa Clarita homes.  Cheers!

photos by Joie de Vivre Photographie

Heys’ Wine Cellar

“We decided to do a wine cellar because we had become interested in collecting wine and were running out of room!  Our wine cellar can hold around 1,200 bottles in a temperature-controlled environment. Our favorite part about having the cellar is the separate small intimate sitting area. It also opens up to a courtyard with seating and fireplace, which makes it perfect for entertaining friends and family.”
Debbie & John Heys

WineLove heys1WineLove heys6

WineLove heys2 WineLove heys4

WineLove heys3

Pub Myers and Sand Canyon Vines

“We love having our own “pub” to entertain friends and enjoy our very own wine.  We grow Syrah and Cabernet grapes along with a row of Thompson table grapes. 2015 is the 3rd season we will be making our own wine.  It’s such a great feeling to see the vines mature each year with the beautiful fruit they produce. We work with Randal G. Winter Construction Inc.”
– Denise & Jeff Myers

WineLove meyers1 WineLove meyers2

WineLove meyers3 WineLove meyers4

Carpenter’s Compa Vineyard

“Our favorite part about our wine cellar is the extended area- where our guests take their glass of wine out into the fresh air.  Choosing to sit around the fire pit or beneath the oak tree, there’s room for a crowd that feels intimate and rustic.  Wine brings friends together!”
– Jeannie & Chris Carpenter

WineLove carpenter1 WineLove carpenter2 WineLove carpenters3

WineLove carpenters5

WineLove carpenters4 WineLove carpenters6

Neilson’s Wine Nook

“We would have to say that the favorite part of our wine room is the mural, it gives you the feel of being in a real wine cellar.   It is a great place to enjoy a glass of wine and unwind.”
-Mike and Brenda Neilson

WineLove nielsen1 WineLove nielsen2

WineLove nielsen3 WineLove nielsen4

WineLove nielsen5

Lauffer’s Tasting Room

“I wanted a simple re-creation of some of my favorite tasting rooms.  It’s a perfect place to have dinner surrounded by friends, family and great wine!”
-Marlee Lauffer

marlee wine 3 marlee wine 5

marlee wine 6 marleewine1 marlee wine 4 marlee wine room



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