With over 300 million monthly active users, Instagram has taken its place as one of the youngest and most successful social media platforms there is.

What is Instagram?  Instagram is a phone application, available for both IOS and Android devices. It is a visual platform where you can share photos and short videos, three to 15 seconds, of everything from distant lands to the latest fashions to the Chef’s Special on tonight’s menu. Businesses use Instagram to build a community of followers, which they can then target with their products and services.

A community is a group of people that are attracted to you because of a common interest. Having a community on Instagram offers you the opportunity to find, and reach, your target market. Followers begin by double tapping your photo, which is equivalent to a “Like” on a Facebook status post. Eventually, followers interact with your brand by leaving comments or “tagging” others in their comment, thus exposing your brand to another potential community member and brand ambassador. Brand ambassadors are loyal.  They will support your vision, refer you and purchase your wares as long as you continue to offer them value and remain relevant. THIS is how you generate business from Instagram!
Here are a few local businesses that are creating their Instagram communities successfully.  What are you doing to build your community?
For more information about Instragram call me at 661-310-1313 or email me at [email protected] up at www.SmallBusinessBreakthrough.com to receive the 5 Steps to Create Your Social Media Strategy FREE!

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