Someone told you to do it, so you did.  You clicked the “Create A Page” link in Facebook and voila! Your Facebook business page was born.  Like most small business owners, you probably created a Facebook page because you knew you had to have one.  And like most small business owners, nobody showed you what to do after creating your page.

Facebook is an excellent platform to imprint your brand onto the memories of many. Here are four tips you can do today to help get you started!

BeSocial facebook icon1.) Make sure all elements of your “About” section are complete.

The “About” section is one of the first things
a user sees when visiting your Facebook business page.  Make sure you’ve taken advantage of both the short and long description areas to include key information about your brand.
Breakthrough Tip: Always include your business address, phone number and hours of operation, as more users are turning to Facebook for business contact information.
2.) Claim your Facebook Vanity URL.

A “Facebook Vanity URL” allows you to specify  the web address of your Facebook business page. By default, the Facebook web address for your business page is a random string of numbers, for example:  However, with just a few clicks, you can rename it to something more professional, such as  Having a unique Facebook Vanity URL will make your page easier to find.  To claim your Vanity URL, visit
Breakthrough Tip: If available, use your business name for your Vanity URL.  This way, when people search for your brand online, your Facebook Business Page also appears in search results.

3.) Post quality content.

When it comes to posting, the term “quality”
is subjective.  Try posting different types of content and track the posts that get the largest response via likes, comments and shares.  Don’t be surprised if your Facebook audience appreciates something different from what you originally thought they would like! Posting photos and videos is undoubtedly the best way to draw more attention to your Facebook business page because they can be easier to absorb than straight text.
Breakthrough Tip: Consider the aspects of your business your customers enjoy and focus on posting content that complements those experiences.  Remember: A picture is worth a thousand words.

4.) Post regularly.
Facebook is a living platform full of personal conversations, family photos and businesses working hard to be accepted into the personal lives of Facebook users.  The reality is you have a lot of competition, so you need to be a part of the Facebook conversation. The only way to do that is to post regularly.
Breakthrough Tip: You can schedule future posts to your Facebook business page with a few simple clicks.  For instructions on how to schedule posts, visit
For more information about Facebook, contact Claudia Sheridan at 661-310-1313 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..”>[email protected].  Sign up at to receive weekly Social Media Tips for Small Business Owners for free!

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