With perseverance, passion and drive, it is no surprise why Lee & Joyce Shulman have been nominated for various awards and recognitions internationally and locally for their non-profit work throughout Santa Clarita Valley.   The Shulmans have been residents of the Santa Clarita Valley since 1997. Both Shulmans grew up in the heart of the “Big Blue” and attended University of Michigan, but what these former Wolverine Alumni learned in those influential halls was the power of knowledge, education and giving back to the community.  Lee and Joyce met through one of the few things they were both heavily connected to, as they still are today: theatre.

“I remember they called in Lee to comment on the show I was directing at the time,” Joyce said.  “The show was several scenes from the books A Street Car Named Desire and West Side Story.  Lee was commenting between scenes on the psychological aspect of the plays.”
Together Lee and Joyce have written several books on psychology and subliminal power, as well as novels on marriage, in the hope of spreading wisdom to others.
“When we got married, we wanted our marriage to be different,” Lee said.  “We didn’t want our marriage to die off, or for us to lose sight of why we got married in the first place.”
Both the Shulmans are currently practicing psychologists and give lectures at College of the Canyons, non-profits, and other institutions on subjects such as: how to be a leader, healthy living through the mind, and relationships, just to name a few.
After their own experience with the Junior Chamber of Commerce in Michigan, the Shulmans were introduced to the Santa Clarita chapter, known locally as the Jaycees.  Acting as a gateway into the local non-profit community, the Jaycees helped the Shulmans get connected to organizations, such as the Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital Foundation.  The Shulmans began servicing the Santa Clarita Valley community via workshops that consisted of professional trainings for staff and patient relationships at the hospital, as well as professional relationship training.  But for the Shulmans, the Jaycees in Santa Clarita captured their hearts.
“We wanted to join the Jaycees because we saw how they were involved in many non-profit, in the area,” Joyce said.  “They worked with everyone, from Carousel Ranch and College of the Canyons to Santa’s Helpers and the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Clarita Valley, just to name a few.”
After dedicating more than 18 years of service to the Santa Clarita Valley, Lee was presented the Hall of Fame award for Junior Chamber of Commerce International in 2009.
“I think when you start to look for some way to get involved in your community, you look at which charity groups you would want to be involved in based on how passionate you are, what your interests are,” said Lee.  “For us, theatre, education, family, health, community and flying are the biggest things that matter to us.”
Both the Shulmans are also a part of the Nonprofit Leaders Network, a group that brings together local charity leadership to share information, technology and referrals.  “I think one thing that we all need to understand is that we are all here to help each other, and that is the things we both love best about Santa Clarita,” Joyce said.  “Everyone gravitates toward opportunities to help each other, and really getting together to not only better shape our community but those who live in it as well.  Single Mothers Outreach, Domestic Violence Center of SCV, Boy Scouts of America, Child and Family Center, Patrons of the Performing Arts Center and all of the non-profits we have touched have also touched us, as well.”
In addition to their non-profit work, the Shulmans are also registered pilots and now co-directors of the SCV Angel Flight program, which they have been a part of since the 80s.  This program is a non-profit charitable organization of pilots, volunteers and friends that arranges free air transportation for any legitimate, charitable, or medically related need.  By coordinating with other organizations, Angel Flight can arrange transportation for patients on longer flights to the 13 western states. As Lee and Joyce kick into the New Year, they will continue to volunteer their time and effort as much as they can.
“We all have priorities and interests.  Make sure you understand your own values and your value system.  By doing this, you will establish priories in our life,” Lee said.  “What you do with your time, energy and money is a reflection on what you value.”                  LookingBack-LeeJoyceShulman-p3

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