s there love in the air?  Well it’s on the cover – that’s for sure!  We are thrilled to have a couple featured in the February/March issue and very first élite Bridal Magazine.  Read more about Stephen and DeAnna Stagliano on page 8.  You’ll love their story because they are adorable!  If you’re looking for more love-inspired stories, we’ve got ideas to treat your special someone, or even yourself, this Valentine’s Day.  For a few tips, flip to page 18 to choose from any of our Fabulous Finds.
In addition to lots of love, we also have plenty of tips, stories and advice for small business owners in this issue.  If you’ve met me, then you already know élite Magazine is a bi-monthly glossy magazine dedicated to the finer things in life – bringing you engaging content about the culture, entertainment, lifestyle, fashion and personalities that capture only the best of the Santa Clarita Valley; however, we also strive to brand your business on page.  With that in mind, there is a great article about two smart young women who turned a fashion blog into a career in influence marketing.  Have you heard of “influencers?”  If you haven’t, you need to.  This article can start such an important conversation about your business and the real people who actually believe in your product.  Once you finish reading on page 20, think about who your business’ influencers are, and tell me about it on Facebook!
One of the reasons I love being part of élite Magazine is the Ultimate Awards.  It’s so exciting each and every time we announce: “It’s time to vote for your Ultimate…!”  My Facebook and email become hyper-active with people wanting to know who’s in the lead, and when we announce the winners, it makes my day to see all the social media activity.  Business owners post their win with pride, and the congratulatory comments begin!  I’ve met so many successful business owners and have been able to build up my referral network with Ultimate Winners.  I get asked all the time who can help with a website, or if I know the best place to get a specialty cake.  I go to the Ultimate list!  And you should, too!
Interested in élite Magazine or élite Bridal Magazine?  Let’s chat over coffee!  Just kidding, I prefer wine.   But I hope you give me a call at 661-294-4444.

Amanda Benson
Associate Publisher

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