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Since the launch of Pinterest in 2012, this social media platform has served as a virtual inspiration board for topics ranging from recipes to weddings, from technology to business advice.  With nearly 50 million active users, Pinterest has earned its title as one of the top players in the social media world.  More importantly, however, Pinterest has become one of the top sources of online referrals to business websites.

What is Pinterest and how does it work?
Pinterest is an online vision board that lets users bookmark items of interest by simply “pinning” them to one of their boards. A Pin is any picture, image or video that a user, or  “Pinner”, creates, shares, collects and reposts on Pinterest. A Pin can be repinned, and all pins (posts) lead back to their source, which is how referral traffic is produced.
How do I start?
– First, set up your profile. Create a business account at and confirm your website.  This adds your logo to any pin that came from your site.
– Pick a profile image that represents your brand, such as your logo.
– Write a profile description that introduces your brand to followers.
– Create a range of boards that represents your brand’s image, personality and taste.  Using 20 characters or less, name your boards in such a way that users can tell what’s on them.
– Add enough Pins to each board to make it feel significant.

What should I pin?
– Don’t be afraid to pin another’s content.  One idea may be to partner with other local companies that complement your business and help tell your story.  For example, a wedding planner may partner with a florist or venue to help create an experience.  Your followers will appreciate the inspiration, and your partner will appreciate the referral traffic.
– Always make sure your pins lead to somewhere helpful.  Remember, pins refer to their original source, so you’ll want to verify that your pins are valid.  You can check this by simply clicking on a pin until it takes you to a website.  If this is the website you expected, then your due diligence is complete.
– Add thoughtful descriptions to each pin so followers get a better understanding of your inspiration for the post.
– Engage with other users by following their boards, commenting, liking and repining their pins.

Unlike most social media platforms, where the average life of a post can be mere minutes, the average life of a pin is just under four months.  Taking the time to pin your products and services on Pinterest can lead to more organic referral traffic to your website than any other non-promoted post made on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
For more information about Pinterest, call me at 661-310-1313 or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..”>[email protected].  Sign up at www.SmallBusinessBreakthrough.comto receive Social Media Tips for Small Business Owners free of charge!

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