Tumblr. Let Your Creativity Flow

by | May 23, 2016 | #BeSocial

 The list of social apps we use every day – Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and more – are useful, but they often leave us wondering what our friends and followers will think about our posts and online personas.  With more tailored privacy settings, tumblr is a website and app that allows users to stay as private as they please, allowing for free, unfiltered thought and select sharing.
Tumblr is a marriage between the page quality of MySpace and the unique browsing of Pinterest, with the added allure of artistic freedom found only on tumblr.  As a young writer, I use the app almost daily, sharing my original poetry and rants on an aesthetically pleasing tie-dye page.
Tumblr also allows you to follow, search and pin posts using tags, so it can be found with a simple keyword search.  This feature gives posts increased audiences, which can lead to more followers; the more you tag, the more visibility you receive.
Many teens use tumblr as a sort of journal or blog, which is why many keep their pages secret from friends.  This feature is attractive to many people because platforms like Facebook and Twitter are very public.
Tumblr also has a messaging feature, which can be accessed anonymously or not, offering fans an opportunity to message famous bloggers.  The downside to this feature, however, is the sizable harm cyber bullies can cause when not held accountable by name.
Whether you’re an up-and-coming writer, photographer or casual enthusiast, tumblr offers an outlet for you.  By joining, you will be immersed in a user community of more than 287.6 million voices, and tumblr can help make yours heard. 


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