A Message from Associate Publisher Amanda Benson – One Year Later

by | Jul 26, 2016 | Associate Publisher

“I am looking forward to incorporating social media into our magazine, growing our online community and helping support our advertisers”
-Amanda Benson from August/September 2015

So began my very first “Message from the Associate Publisher” one year ago, and much of what I said then, rings true today.  I’m still excited and anxious for you to start turning pages, reading inspirational articles, learning something new from our experts, discovering new favorite businesses via our Ultimate Award winners and feeling the fine gloss of the pages on your fingertips!
Rather than reflect on the past year, which has been a learning process yet tons of fun, I’d like to focus on the future of élite Magazine.  As we begin to work on each new issue, we flip through old issues to stimulate our creative side – after all we have 13 years of élite Magazine as an incredible resource.  But we also keep up to date by reading our favorite publications, attending events and mixers, and meeting new people in the community, uncovering amazing stories along the way.  We do all this to provide you with an impressive magazine.
With that in mind, I want to thank all of you – our readers, supporters and advertisers – for your commitment to our vision: growing our reach and yours in the community and digitally.  It’s advocates like you who help make all of this possible. We look at élite as more than just a magazine to be read by the pool, but also a publication where you get trusted information and connect with the like-minded citizens of Santa Clarita who are making a difference.
I also want to thank Linda and Moe Hafizi for trusting in me, as well as their steadfast dedication to making élite the best it can be.  Working alongside Kirsten Quinn and our sales and graphics team, we have presented strong growth in every issue – like adding élite Bridal Magazine, which has quickly become a publication of real value to not only our advertisers but also to the brides we actively seek out each issue.  I’m passionate about what we do here, and I’m still feeling excited and anxious for each new issue we publish.  Stay connected and stay tuned…
Amanda Benson



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