Messaging Apps: A Cheaper Way to Text

by | Jul 25, 2016 | #BeSocial

Paying for an outrageous cell phone bill with unlimited texting, calling and data is expensive, and by utilizing wifi more often, that bill can be cut in half. Thousands of texting and calling apps have been created that allow users to message anyone in their address book for free when connected to wifi.  Here are some of my favorites.

GroupMe:  GroupMe is the best app for messaging with large groups of people.  Colleges and professional groups often use this app in place of conference calls and meet-ups, as the app is an efficient way to see many opinions at one time.  This app is also good for large groups as it has a “liking” option that aids in voting and making decisions.  There is also a calendar feature that allows groups to schedule meetings and upcoming events in a concise manner.

Facebook Messenger: This free app is an updated version of Facebook’s original chatting feature.  Aside from chatting with Facebook friends, Messenger also has a phone contact syncing option to connect with all your friends.  Messenger also makes group messaging easy, with silencing and personalizing options for each chat.  Facebook Messenger has audio and video calling options, as well, when connected to wifi.

WhatsApp:  WhatsApp is popular and available in a variety of countries, making it the best app for international messaging.  This app avoids SMS messaging, so if you’re connected to wifi, the service is free!  Whatsapp also offers group, audio and video messaging.

Tango:  Don’t have iPhone Facetime?  An alternative for top-quality video chatting is Tango, with even more features than Facetime.  Video chatting can be boring, so Tango jazzes it up by offering games to play during a call!  This is perfect for long distance family or friends who want to skip the small talk.

Kik:   Kik offers something new: a chance to join fun apps with messaging!  With categories like entertainment, lifestyle, games and new stuff, Kik offers something for everyone.  Each app connects you with other people who have the category open, guaranteeing a laugh, smile or banter.

Skype: A classic messaging program, Skype allows video calling for both domestic and international calls. The software is very easy to navigate, which makes it great for getting some face time with relatives who are less computer-savvy.



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