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by | Nov 18, 2016 | Ultimate Awards

 A strong team makes for a strong business, and many companies are harnessing the power of their employees’ passion to grow companies to the next level.  With this next set of upcoming élite Magazine Ultimate Awards, we hope to honor those employees who help their companies do great things.  Also in the mix, voters can support their favorite leaders and companies, showing their allegiance from the top down.
To honor those who bring success, innovation and profitability to Santa Clarita Valley businesses, élite Magazine invites you to make your voice heard in the third annual Ultimate Business Professionals Awards, open now for voting.
This year’s categories include: Ultimate Wealth Management, Ultimate Web Services, Ultimate In-Home Care, Ultimate Insurance Broker, Ultimate Non-Profit, Ultimate Family Lawyer, Ultimate Business Lawyer, Ultimate Bankruptcy Lawyer, Ultimate Tax Services, Ultimate CPA, Ultimate Mortgage Professional, Ultimate Escrow Officer, Ultimate Financial Planner and Ultimate Realtor!
Winners are chosen by the public, so be sure to get your friends and family to help your favorites win!
You can vote once every 24 hours at now until January 20.



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