Awakening an Artist Introducing the Voice of Nathan Lindsay

by | Jan 20, 2017 | Closeup

 Destined for the silver screen, Nathan Lindsay started in theater at age 6.  Just a year later, his music director pushed him for singing lessons, urging him to continue down the path of theater acting.
Nathan comes from a very academic and supportive family; in fact, both of his parents are elementary school teachers.  Picking up inspiration at family functions, Nathan had an epiphany: He wanted to entertain the world. And an artist awakens.
By age 17, Nathan was playing the guitar, which he prefers as the primary instrument to create music; although, he plays piano, the didgeridoo and some hand percussion, as well.
He wrote his first song, “Your Tale Is Behind You,” at age 17, followed by more.  Passion inspired education, and Nathan began singing lessons while his dad studied the guitar with Randal Yamamoto.  David asked Randal to give Nathan some pointers on the guitar, and in the collaborative world of music, the three formed a friendship that blossomed into a business relationship.
By now, Nathan had realized the transition from acting to musician and performer, and he saw a new road ahead.  Nathan had finally found that perfect outlet that allows him to find passion in his work.
It was a very busy time for Nathan as he explored in the recording studio, creating from September 2015 onward and tracking his music with Randal at the console.  This process continued into the following year.  In August 2016, he released an album titled “Your Tale Is Behind You.”
When they first met, Randal recognized the talent, focus and determination Nathan possessed, and it prompted him to take on the young artist.
“Nathan wanted a mentor, and I wanted to provide that for him,” said Randal, who has a publishing company with BMI called Ranyam Publishing, in which they will publish and license their own music.  Randal also is the owner of Greathook Productions and has an extensive background in sync licensing.  They are combining both their forces and resources to go into a full-promotional campaign to develop the artist, create record sales, perform and continue writing new material for future releases.
This dynamic duo had worked side-by-side diligently and transitioned into a full-time promoter and performer.  The music is acoustic, pop, rock and an even a mix of organic and synthetic sounds.  It has elements of electronic, funk and a pop quality to it.  Give this young artist a spin and check it out.  You can listen to his music on Instagram (\nathanlindsay) or on his website (
Nathan has performed at farmers markets and some coffeehouses in high traffic areas to increase his fan base.  He also uses social media for outreach and to update listeners about upcoming songs, performances and tours.
Currently they are busy mapping plans for 2017, which include another full-length record, with three or four singles leading up to the release.  Nathan and Randal both spoke to me about expanding the radius of gigs, networking with other artists and possibly landing a few festivals to perform.
Additionally, Nathan and his team have a business plan in place and seem to be in good shape to weather the storms and balance personal and professional life.  Nathan is very excited and receptive to any challenges he may face as he heads into the industry with full force.
To follow Nathan Lindsay Music, please visit\nathanlindsay or



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