Lace & Lift – Top tips on selecting the perfect lingerie for every bridal occasion

by | Jan 20, 2017 | Bridal

From sexy extras to the iconic wedding night look, here are the top tips you need when selecting lingerie for every bridal occasion.

Though it may seem counterintuitive, comfort should be your top concern when choosing lingerie for a boudoir shoot.  You may think this is the moment to wear the sexiest, strappiest lingerie you can find – because that will give you the sexiest photographs.
“But recommendation is to wear something that’s comfortable and fits you beautifully,” said Lisa Szeto, owner of Pinned Up, a mobile lingerie boutique.  “Choose a piece that fits, rather than making a piece you like fit you.  Remember, the shoot is about you, not the lingerie.  So put yourself first when choosing your lingerie.  Your confidence, your energy, your attitude – it all changes when you feel good about yourself.”

The Big Day
Fit is the most important element when it comes to choosing the foundation pieces for your wedding dress.
“We spend so much time searching for that perfect dress, but if your undergarments aren’t properly fitted, the dress won’t look as good as it can,” Lisa said.  “These are the details we usually forget about, but the last thing you want is to slip out of your dress during your big day because the fit isn’t correct.  You take care of it once, and then you don’t have to worry about anything but feeling beautiful when you walk down that aisle.”
Foundation pieces also give you the opportunity to be strategic about your desired look.  Sexy shapewear can emphasize or hide different parts of the body, as well as provide lift and security so you feel confident from “I do” to the last dance.

Wedding Night
If boudoir is about comfort and the wedding day is about fit, your wedding night is definitely your moment to have fun, take risks and wear something to remember.
“A lot of people go immediately for the innocent white lingerie for their wedding night, but I like to encourage people to step out of their comfort zone for this one.  It only happens once, so go for something you wouldn’t normally wear – like a jewel-toned piece or something bright red.”
For all lingerie choices, Lisa’s rule of thumb is: If you enjoy it, your partner will, too.
“When you feel beautiful, you feel like you can take on the world,” she said.  “Carry that from your wedding night into your marriage, and you’ll have all the romance you need.”
For more information about Pinned Up, please call Lisa Szeto at 661-390-3677, or visit
To book your boudoir shoot, please contact Lindsay Schlick, Co-owner of SchlickArt, by calling 661-313-3907 or visit

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