TOP 2017 Honeymoon DESTINATIONS Wedded bliss awaits

by | Jan 20, 2017 | Bridal

 So you got married.  Now it’s you, your love and a world of possibilities.  How could you possibly choose where to tackle first?  If travel is your game, and love is your reason – look no further than these top-notch honeymoon destinations for spring newlyweds.

Sumba, Indonesia is exactly the deserted tropical island you’ve been searching for.  A short flight from Bali, Indonesia’s most popular island, Sumba is as close to untouched paradise as you’ll find.  With a honeymoon to Sumba, you can expect exotic fruit for breakfast, jet skiing for lunch and your pick of infinity pools as you watch the sun set across the water’s dazzling surface.

Is there nothing more romantic than Paris, France in the spring?  There’s a reason why Paris fills the pages of books, the backdrop to great films, and the hearts of countless travelers – actually, there are many reasons.  From the exquisite beauty of Impressionist art to the mystique of a sidewalk café, Paris is steeped in love and beauty.  Even with a destination of such notoriety, nothing in Paris disappoints.

While some couples crave adventure, it is a honeymoon, after all.  Shouldn’t this be the time you have your cake and eat it, too?  Cape Town, South Africa combines the promise of adventure – from cage diving with Great White sharks and climbing Table Mountain to big cat safaris – with luxuries like boutique hotels, sensational vineyards and moonlit porches.

While these destinations are sure to please, let The Travel Bug help you find just the right honeymoon destination for you.  You may not even know what’s out there…until you do!
For more information, please call The Travel Bug at 661-255-5030, visit, or stop by at 24300 Town Center Drive #101 in Valencia.



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