Are You an Ultimate Beauty or Fitness Professional? Cast your vote today!

by | Jan 27, 2017 | Ultimate Awards

 By now, January has come and gone – and we hope your New Year’s resolutions haven’t gone with it!  From eating healthier and working out to treating yourself to a facial, we strive to better ourselves at the start of each year.
You have always been beautiful.  Now you are just deciding to be healthier, fitter, faster and stronger, too.  Unfortunately, sometimes we fall off the wagon before we get there.  But don’t give up, yet!
Given that so many Americans make resolutions each year, researchers have learned a thing or two about what helps people succeed.  A guide or coach is an excellent tool to not only keep you on track and share a wealth of knowledge, but they also hold you accountable, making you more likely to meet your goals.  Beauty and fitness experts are there to remind us how important it is to take care of ourselves, even in this crazy, chaotic world!
In order to help you find the right expert, we’re kicking off the 2017 Ultimate Beauty and Fitness Professionals Awards!  This year, our beauty categories include: Ultimate Boutique Accessories, Ultimate Esthetician, Ultimate Spa, Ultimate Eyebrow Artist, Ultimate Foot Reflexologist, Ultimate Hair Color Correction, Ultimate Hair Cut, Ultimate Hair Extensions, Ultimate Hair Stylist, Ultimate Makeup Artist, and Ultimate Massage Therapist, just to name a few!  For fitness professionals, we have: Ultimate Boot Camp, Ultimate Fitness Club, Ultimate Trainer, Ultimate Pilates, Ultimate Weight Loss and Ultimate Yoga Studio.
Winners are chosen by the public, so be sure to get your friends and family to help your favorites win!  Voting is open now and will continue through March 18.
Visit to vote for your favorites every 24 hours.



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