A Message from Associate Publisher Alesia Humphries

by | Mar 24, 2017 | Associate Publisher

 As I look through the pages of this issue of élite Magazine, I am reminded of how amazing people can be.  I read stories that fill me with inspiration of people that do more, think harder, dream bigger and create more.
Our adorable cover star, Mackenzie Hancsicsak, for example, is chasing her dreams before she even leaves elementary school.  Jimmy Lifton is breaking the mold of conventional education to give veterans a leg up at the new media school, LIMS.  And one young woman, Melanie Hicken, is fighting to make this world better through hard-hitting investigative journalism for CNNMoney.  We even introduce two new columns, SCV Reel Talk and What’s Possible, who share the exciting things that are hiding right here in our valley.
Every day, the risk-takers who fill the pages of our magazine inspire me with their courage to take a leap – to just doing something great.  I haven’t been with you for long, and it is with the former in mind that I leave you in capable hands to pursue music.  The day when my music career grew to demand my full attention came much earlier than I anticipated, so it is with the courage of those we feature that I choose to leap into a lifelong mission and vision filled with music and performance.  The road is quick when you give it no choice, and accept the hand of a few friends.
Prime Publications Inc., has been one of those friends to both Back Porch Music and my band project, Dole|Humphries.  I take with me all that I have learned here, the great relationships I have forged during my time here and, mostly, the fond friendship of the Prime Publications team.
I look forward to reading the pages of all the élite issues to come, as I know I will find more inspiration there.  I look forward to seeing the faces of future dreamers in those pages, and reading about how they made their dreams come true.  After all, élite Magazine helped me make my dreams a reality.
So farewell, my friends.  I will look for you everywhere.  In the meantime, be inspired.  Do more, think harder, create more and dream bigger.

My fondest farewell,
Alesia Humphries 



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