WHAT’S POSSIBLE… Santa Clarita? SCVEDC President and CEO shares possibilities for an even brighter future

by | Mar 24, 2017 | Business

The Santa Clarita Valley is home to nearly 300,000 residents and companies across a wide variety of industries.  Our roster of fantastic companies that call SCV home continues to grow, thanks to a business-friendly environment (the City of Santa Clarita was recently named LA County’s Most Business-Friendly City), a steady track record of ongoing economic growth, and a City that supports ongoing improvements in key infrastructure.
As we meet with local employers as part of our work at the Santa Clarita Valley Economic Development Corporation (SCVEDC), we often hear it’s challenging to find well-trained and qualified talent, even though Santa Clarita boasts a highly-educated workforce and is home to great educational facilities including College of the Canyons, California Institute of the Arts and The Master’s University.
Hearing these comments from local businesses, the SCVEDC Board has set a priority of supporting economic development programs that help employees grow their own talent.  Therefore, we decided to create an internship job board to help match qualified students with local companies seeking to hire interns – either for the summer as students return home to their families from college, or during the year for students attending local colleges and universities.
To that end, we are pleased to announce www.SCVInternships.com, powered by the SCVEDC, which provides resources for both students and businesses.  If you are a student looking for an internship, or are an employer seeking an intern in the Santa Clarita Valley, this is your go-to website!

Why work in Santa Clarita?

The City is focused on expanding its business community while maintaining its high quality of life.  The SCV is home to five major industry clusters:
Aerospace and Defense
Medical Devices
Advanced Manufacturing
Digital Media and Entertainment
Information Technology

The SCV Internships site provides resources for students seeking their first job, such as resume writing and interview preparation and follow-up, along with tips for making an internship successful.  For businesses, the Employer Resources offers guidance on designing a good internship program to maximize the return on investment for both the company and the intern.
Internships offer both the intern and the business so many benefits, including: experience, knowledge, a potential job offer for the intern, and the chance to grab some great talent early on for the company.
Be sure to check out our website www.SCVInternships.com – new internship opportunities are being added each week.  If you have questions about either finding an internship or posting an internship opportunity, please contact us at the SCVEDC. We wish both interns and local companies a productive and successful internship!
The Santa Clarita Valley Economic Development Corporation (SCVEDC) is a unique private/public partnership representing the united effort of regional industry and government leaders. The SCVEDC utilizes an integrated approach to attracting, retaining and expanding a diversity of businesses in the Santa Clarita Valley, especially those in key industry clusters, by offering competitive business services and other resources.



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