The Art of Movement Meet local artist Carol Blaylock

by | May 23, 2017 | Closeup

A Santa Monica native, Martial artist and sculptor, Carol Blaylock made the move over the hill just six short years ago after marrying SCV resident Scott Blaylock.  For the past 13 years, Carol has had the honor of teaching one of her many passions, TaeKwondo—a form of martial arts that is characterized by its emphasis on head-height kicks, jumping and spinning kicks, and fast kicking techniques.

“This is a Korean martial art that involves learning to kick, punch and spar as well as learning what are known as Poomse or forms (a set of choreographed moves that simulate a fight sequence). I love to teach and train people and am currently working toward my fitness certification so that I can expand my talents and become a personal trainer,” says Carol.
TaeKwondo shares a direct influence on Carol’s sculpture.  A passion that was sparked in high school quickly took hold as something with real potential when Mrs. Linda Darnell, one of Carol’s teachers, noticed she had a talent for drawing.  She guided Carol and assisted her as Carol honed her craft and found the start to her path.  Finding that art truly connected with her, Carol went on to pursue and complete her Bachelors degree in Textile Design at CSULB.  She quickly got to work in the industry.  A move, she learned early on, was not for her.  The craft was calling her back to hone her talent which led her to the private academy of  Brentwood Art Center.
“This is where my artistic life changed forever. The moment I took my first sculpting class, I knew I was on the right path.  I love the tactile feel of working with clay and creating things in 3-D.  I was also fortunate enough to have an amazing teacher Mr. Jonathan Bickart* who is a friend and mentor. Through his knowledge and guidance, I found my calling as a sculptor.  After a few years of classes I was invited to start teaching mixed media/sculpture classes at the same school,” said Carol.
Jump several years ahead and today you will find Carol nestled in Santa Clarita, working on her calling and pushing herself to add new mediums into her repertoire.  Her current “labor of love” is called Jujitsu Fighters.
“This sculpture is a work in progress.  It is a half life-size piece, which is my largest to date, that is comprised of two fighters in a grappling pose,” says Carol.  “My inspiration for the piece is my Grand Master Andre Lima and Professor John Machado.  It is the one I am most proud of because of the scale of the piece and second, being able to take two figures in a very energetic fight pose and seamlessly fusing them together to create that movement and energy—that I strive for in my work.”
To view the artwork of Carol Blaylock, please visit!__bio.* Jonathan Bickart headed the sculpture department at the Brentwood Art Center for 15 years prior to opening his own sculpture studio in Santa Monica, California. Bickart’s commissions include many notable portraits, including a bust of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, as well as monumental bronze sculptures.



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