Prescribing A Brighter Future – Meet the college organization that’s prepping the next generation of medical professionals

by | May 23, 2017 | Spotlight

The American Medical Student Association (AMSA) at College of the Canyons is making some great strides in the Santa Clarita Valley.
A student government-run club with seven executive positions, the local chapter of AMSA is designed to give medical students opportunities to collaborate with physicians and other professionals in the health care industry.  The organization participates a great deal with the local community, as well as provides opportunities to volunteer in hospitals, which is a requirement for students’ on-the-job-training experience.  Additionally, students can attend informative workshops and the Pre-Health Symposium. For upcoming events visit

Benefits of AMSA
Volunteering for AMSA helps members determine their area of interest in the health care industry.  Each year, AMSA members strive to provide educational experiences for members, foster member networking, strengthen support systems and grow community involvement.  Additionally, the association networks with other universities to raise money and create opportunities for other students to attend seminars and special events, as well as create more chances to volunteer in hospitals and homeless shelters.  The organization has a great support system for its direct marketing approach, persistence and methods of outreach.  AMSA workshops, which invite members to network with other professionals, are an excellent example of the group’s strengths put to action.

Today’s Medical Landscape
From advanced medical technologies, to constantly evolving treatment options, today’s medical landscape is a tough world to keep up with; yet, AMSA students are tasked with doing just that.  Members expressed their excitement about the increasing focus on preventive and personalized medicines, which they feel are advancing and impacting lives in a positive way. As well as the appearance of robotics in operating rooms that help doctors and nurses on complicated surgical tasks.
Medical education has made some strides, too; however, more research and development education is needed for scientists and doctors to work together to provide cures for diseases, the students said.
Dreams of Change
When asked how they factor in to the future of medicine, the group of AMSA officers had plenty to say.  From communication to more effective antibiotics, their dreams are big and their hearts open.  A huge focus lies in more effectively communicating health knowledge to patients, who may not be able to make sense of diagnoses, prescriptions and instructions without a more relatable level of conversation.  Students stressed the importance of creating a deeper understanding between the doctor and patient to treat and prevent disease, as well as increasing the person-to-person communication with patients who are entering surgery.
As the medical field faces a host of changes and advancements in hospitals, emergency rooms and other health-related businesses, AMSA is a vital asset to the community, and the students involved are taking giant steps in the right direction.  While the future of medicine seems to show great promise for curing diseases and restoring good health for us all, College of the Canyons’ chapter shines bright with a tight-knit group of students who are intelligent, professional and determined to make healthy change.
For more information about AMSA, please visit  



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