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by | Sep 25, 2017 | Spotlight

Meet BSH Landscape Design Group, a Professional Design and Build Firm.
After owning and operating BSH Landscape and Hardscape Design for 30 years, Bruno Hovsepian’s passion has never wavered. He has continued to perfect the art of exterior landscaping and design, bringing luxury and elegance to countless outdoor spaces in the Santa Clarita Valley and beyond. Experiencing significant success throughout the years, Bruno’s determination to create “exquisite art” hasn’t gone unnoticed. The work of BSH Landscape and Hardscape Design has been featured in several premier design publications, such as Angeleno, Luxe Magazine and Malibu Magazine.
“Landscape architecture is my passion,” Bruno proudly shares. “We can transform anything. Our focus is always on the client, and no interest or preference is too challenging for us.”
But to achieve such success, it takes a lifetime of passion and commitment to excellence. From a young age, craftsmanship and a love for landscape architecture came naturally to Bruno, who received extensive exposure to this art form throughout his childhood and adult life. His family’s background in developing high-end custom homes, as well as structural engineering and superior architecture, only reinforced Bruno’s passion for environmental design.
With a vision that has come to mark his career, Bruno knew what it would take to set his business apart from the rest: true artistry. Since its inception, BSH Landscape and Hardscape Design perceives each outdoor project as more than a mere combination of gardens, tiling and pools but rather the opportunity to create “art expressed through nature.” As a result, beautifully refined artistry is noticeable in each outdoor living space BSH Landscape and Hardscape Design touches.
“Transforming ordinary front- and backyards into breathtaking, exquisite gardens has been our pleasure,” Bruno says. “We are very proud to have been honored by Luxe Magazine, and it will be our honor and pleasure to assist our discerning clients.”
Prioritizing the client, BSH Landscape and Hardscape Design’s focus is never on promoting their own aesthetic but rather on transforming each space according to the client’s tastes. Dedicated to versatility, Bruno and his design team encourage the client to be thier own visionary. By allowing the client to lead, the company has amassed an incredibly diverse portfolio of work. Devotion to diversity in design is BSH Landscape and Hardscape Design’s expertise.
Achieving harmony and balance – no matter the look or expectation – is no easy task, however. This is where Bruno’s vision and commitment to artistry becomes incredibly important. In order to create a cohesive and impeccable property, sophisticated landscape and hardscape must be a companion to the overall design and architecture of the home. Furthermore, the overall vision should transcend specific components in a superior design.
“Landscape architecture has to complement the interior design and architecture of each home,” Bruno says. “We understand the correlation between hardscape and landscape and can balance out both to complement one another.”
Curating an elegant final product is BSH Landscape and Hardscape Design’s specialty and is clearly a point of pride. Natural surroundings are factored into each project, while what’s best for each client is never ignored. In addition, every project is tackled with equal parts of big-picture vision and impeccable attention to detail.
Let BSH Landscape and Hardscape Design create art for you. To schedule a consultation, please call 661-287-9568 or visit www.bshlandscape.com



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