The Man Behind the Uniform: Anderson Mackey Assistant Fire Chief

by | May 18, 2018 | Our First Responders

Assistant Fire Chief Anderson Mackey has been in the fire services for three decades. His devotion to his team and many accomplishments has made him an invaluable asset to the fire service. He seeks to steadily improve and is constantly encouraging his team to do the same. Anderson Mackey is an inspirational leader and for his loyalty and courage he is setting the standard as the recently appointed Assistant Fire Chief. Let’s meet Assistant Fire Chief Anderson Mackey:

(Q): Describe yourself with three words?
(A): I would consider myself to be caring, humble and committed.

(Q): How is your personality?
(A): I am a very outgoing person.

(Q): How long have you been with the fire department?
(A): I have been with the fire service for 30 years.

(Q): How did/does your family deal/support you in your career?
(A): My family has been very supportive of my demanding schedule as a fire fighter. Carmen my wife of 21 years has been extremely supportive and inspiring for me in advancing through the ranks in the fire service.
(Q): What made you want to work in the fire service?
(A): Joining the Fire Department gave me the opportunity to help people. Also the excitement and career opportunities.

(Q):  What are some accomplishments you have achieved as a fire fighter?
(A): In 2008, I started the Recruitment Unit which main function is to help young adults join and advance in their fire service careers. In 2013, I helped launch the Hands Only CPR program.

(Q): What exactly does an Assistant Fire Chief do?
(A): My responsibilities include managing major incidents as well as handling budgets. Also I maintain relationships with city managers, county officials (Board of Supervisors Field Deputies) inter-agency and mutual aid relationships, inspection of personnel, firefighting equipment, and Fire Department facilities.

(Q): What are the areas that you serve?
(A): The Santa Clarita Valley, La Canada Flintridge, Altadena, Gorman, Kagel Canyon, Eaton Canyon, Castaic, Val Verde, Aqua Dolce, La Cresenta, and a portion of Chatsworth.

(Q): What was the greatest lesson you learned as a fire fighter?
(A): The greatest lesson I learned is the importance of working as a team on everything we do.

(Q): What advice would you give to young fire fighters or persons thinking about joining the department?
(A): I recommend anyone looking at a career in the fire service to come visit or take a tour of your local fire station to get a view of what a day in the life of a fire fighter is really like.

(Q): What do you do to motivate your subordinates?
(A): I have them train, set clear goals and objectives, provide clear and effective communications, and encourage all to challenge yourself to learn something new every day.

(Q): What are some things that the community can do to support their local fire station?
(A): Come by and visit your local fire station to meet the firefighters that serve your city.



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