photos by Maureen Benoit

Reach for the stars.  Follow your dreams.   Live the life you have always imagined.  More than likely, you have heard one or all of these phrases at some point in your life, because let’s face it, we all want happiness and success. But the million-dollar question is, how do we get it?  Santa Clarita resident, Stephen Tako, gives us his take on how to live a more fulfilling life in his new book, Motivated to Act.
“Motivated to Act was written to motivate creative-minded people to act upon their passions and dreams in life,” states Stephen.  “It’s also about my personal motivation and journey to leave the corporate world and become an entertainer.”
Born in a small farming community in Ohio, Stephen Tako made his move to the Los Angeles area some 25 years ago.   After attempts of trying to establish his place within the acting industry, Stephen left the “Hollywood” scene to take on a steadier job.
Who knew a trip to Yellowstone National Park, 20 years later, would be life changing?  Well it was.  Stephen realized he could no longer live the life not suited for him. Ultimately, he found himself alone, for the first time in his life.  And with that, came the realization that nothing was stopping him from pursuing his dreams.  In February of 2010, he returned to his passion for acting and went to school.  Stephen’s first year back proved to be very successful, as he landed several dozen roles with television, short films, music videos and more.  In January, 2011, he obtained Screen Actors Guild Status.  His work included Glee, Snickers, Animal Planet, and more, even becoming a successful host for several film festivals and sharing the stage with actress and model Tippi Hedren.  Stephen has also created the fun loving character, “Yeti” who expresses himself through various styles of dancing.  “The Dancing Yeti” has two YouTube videos, and songs will be available on iTunes in the future.
Stephen’s path to success and happiness has inspired him to write his book, Motivated to Act.  “It’s about discovering why people do the things they do and how many of us are stuck in a box, living a mediocre life,” states Stephen.  “You will uncover relationships ending and the beginnings of new alliances formed to help you succeed with your goals.  In this book, you will observe a society on drugs to escape or conform, and how to respect and take care of your own body. Motivated to Act is the perfect book for any aspiring entrepreneur, inventor, performer or dreamer.”
Stephen pulls from life experiences and is also a motivational speaker at seminars, inspiring to help you make the changes needed to live a more fulfilling life.
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