We would like to congratulate all the winners of the élite Magazine’s 5th Annual Ultimate Dining Awards 2015 and say a special thank you to the following advertisers for their support.

Ultimate Barbecue:
Gyu Kaku Japanese BBQ
27025 McBean Pkwy, Valencia
(661) 254-2355

Ultimate Caterer:
Wolf Creek Restaurant & Brewing Co.
27746 McBean Pkwy,Valencia
(661) 263-9653

Ultimate Dessert:
Kokolita Cakes & More
27530 Newhall Ranch Rd, Valencia
(661) 257-9338

Ultimate Margarita:
Sabor Cocina Mexicana
23953 Newhall Ranch Rd, Valencia
(661) 259-9002

Ultimate Asian Food:
New Moon
28281 Newhall Ranch Rd, Valencia
(661) 257-4321

Ultimate Deli:
Italia Panetteria & Deli
27674 Newhall Ranch Rd #55, Valencia
(661) 294-9069

Ultimate Business Lunch:
Salt Creek Grille
24415 Town Center Dr #115, Valencia
(661) 222-9999

Ulitmate Wine Bar:
Wine 661
24268 Valencia Boulevard, Valencia
(661) 288-2980

Ultimate Wine List:
Lee Wine Bistro
24510 Town Center Dr., Valencia
(661) 259-7754

Ultimate Healthy Foods:
Eat Real Café
23414 Lyons Ave, Newhall
(661) 254-2237

Ultimate Italian Food:
Piccola Trattoria
18302 Sierra Hwy # 107, Canyon Country
(661) 299-6952

Ultimate Burger:
Rustic Burger
24025 Newhall Ranch Rd, Valencia
(661) 254-1300

Ultimate Mexican Food:
Margaritas Mexican Grill
23320 Valencia Blvd, Valencia
(661) 255-1136

Ultimate Indian Food:
Parashars’ Indian Kitchen
28112 Bouquet Canyon Rd, Saugus
(661) 263-2300

Ultimate Casual Dining:
Newhall Refinery
24258 Main Street, Newhall
(661) 388-4477

Ultimate Breakfast:
Egg Plantation
24415 Walnut Street, Newhall
(661) 255-8222

Ultimate Mediterranean:
Persia Lounge
24328 Main Street, Newhall
(661) 259-4100

Ultimate Frozen Yogurt:
Planet Yogurt
24415 Town Center Dr #125, Valencia
(661) 254-2471

Ultimate Chef:
Oaks Grille –  Peyton Poulsen
26550 Heritage View Dr. Valencia
(661) 288-1995

Ultimate Wine Maker:
Pulchella Winery
24261 Main Street, Newhall
(661) 799-9463

Ultimate Sushi:
Mr. Sushi
23360 Valencia Blvd, Valencia
(661) 254-3855

Ultimate Happy Hour:
Olive Terrace Bar & Grill
28261 Newhall Ranch Rd, Valencia
(661) 257-7860

Ultimate Cocktail:
Vines Restaurant & Bar
24500 Town Center Dr, Valencia
(661) 678-4044

Ultimate Pizza:
Vincenzo’s Pizza Newhall
24504 Lyons Ave. Newhall
(661) 259-6733

UDA EatReal

Ultimate Healthy Foods:
Mike Meguerditchian of Eat Real Café

UDA Egg Plantation

Ultimate Breakfast: (L-R) General
Manager, Kim, Owner Shannon Mee
and Sarah, Manager of Egg Plantation

UDA Italia

Ultimate Deli: John & Victoria
Magnanimo of Italia Panetteria & Deli

 UDA GyuKaku

Ultimate Barbecue: Oak Sangmanee
of Gyu Kaku Japanese BBQ

 UDA Kokolitas

Ultimate Dessert: Martha Aguilera
of Kokolita Cakes & More

 UDA Lees

Ultimate Wine List:
Lee Yoon of Lee Wine Bistro

 UDA Margaritas

Ultimate Mexican Food:
Maria and Jose Acevedo of
Margaritas Mexican Grill

UDA Newhall Refinery

Ultimate Casual Dining:
(L-R) Owner, Simon Mee And Chef
Dustin Boole of Newhall Refinery

UDA NewMoon

Ultimate Asian Food: Back Row (L-R)
Nicole Nogosek, Nicole Freudenberg,
Sarah Caduff, Pook Hastanand. Front
Row (L-R) Michael Perez, General
Manager Stephanie Iwasaki, Natalee
Gillis, Dulce Alvarez of New Moon

 UDA Parashars

Ultimate Indian Food:
Poonam Parashar
of Parashars’ Indian Kitchen

UDA Persia Lounge

Ultimate Mediterranean:
Homayoun Daryani of Persia Lounge

 UDA Piccola Trattoria

Ultimate Italian Food:
Carmelo and Rosella Terranova of
Piccola Trattoria

 UDA PlanetYogurt

Ultimate Frozen Yogurt:
Robert Catrini of Planet Yogurt

 UDA Pulchella

Ultimate Wine Maker: Steve Lemley &
Nate Hasper of Pulchella Winery

 UDA RusticBurger

Ultimate Burger:
Alex Rush of Rustic Burger

 UDA SaltCreek

Ultimate Business Lunch:
Jennifer Chadwick and Russ Lynn
of Salt Creek Grille

 UDA Wine661

Ulitmate Wine Bar:
Tanya Green of Wine 661

 UDA WolfCreek

Ultimate Caterer:
Beth and Susan – Catering Team
of Wolf Creek Restaurant & Brewing Co. won


Ultimate Chef:
Peyton Poulsen of Oaks Grille