Tay Beckham – If you haven’t heard that name before you might have heard her “Voice.”  Her soulful sound landed her on the fourth season of The Voice, and fast forward a few years, she has just released her first album!  An SCV resident, she is dedicated to her craft, and I happen to hold a special place in my heart for those who rise to the top (of the charts!) through hard work and dedication.  This young woman inspires me!
Another local inspiration is Sophia Crawford, our resident expert stuntwoman whose life story is about dedication and strength – literally!  The first time I saw her at the gym, I was a little envious and intimidated at the same time, until she flashed her warm smile at me.  These ladies are true inspirations!
Speaking of inspiring women, one of the most exciting things in this issue is the élite Ultimate Ladies in Business Awards.  This is the first year we recognized Ladies in Business, and do want to know the most exciting part?  We had more than 10,000 votes for these 21 ladies!  Please take a moment to read about what made them such a success, connect with them, and congratulate them!
For most of us, the holidays are filled with fundraisers, work functions, family gatherings and happy hour with friends.  Or is that just me?  Busy or not, you have to find time to shop for loved ones and find a place to meet with friends as you toast to the New Year, right?  Check out our Fabulous Finds and the Perfect Bite for ideas to do just that!  You can also take a look at our calendar of SCV’s hottest upcoming events.  Don’t worry – we’ve got your social calendar covered.
Looking for some excitement?  How about solving a murder at the Getty?  Or sky diving over our California beaches?  You won’t find me jumping out of a plane, but if that’s what you’re into, flip through the pages to find California’s best adventures within a day’s travels!
Fun fact:  December 3 will be Princess Cruises Day!  And how warranted, after all they do for our community, the city will be declaring this day just for them.
As part of our Interactive Media future, we have partnered with Social Mosaic, a company that uses professional social media tools to improve their business relationships with brands.  Check out our Social Media tab on our website to see how implementing #scvelitemagazine in your social media campaign can attract additional brand exposure.
As we all get ready to share our living spaces with friends and family, we decided to revamp our Home Section, bringing more inspiration than ever!  Home Showcase is a standing feature that brings you ideas for a different living space in each issue.  With the holidays coming, we focused on kitchens this issue.  Feel free to connect with me on a Home Showcase idea you’d like to see in future!  And we’re excited to announce that our usual home feature is more élite than ever, featuring only million and multimillion-dollar homes – my dream homes, actually!  Hey, a girl can dream right?
As always, you can find me out and about, on social media or at my desk thinking of the next élite idea!  Connect with me to share your ideas or even a glass of wine!
I can’t believe this is already my third issue as Associate Publisher!  As we head into the New Year, I would like to thank everyone for supporting me in my new role in this community and publication.

Holiday cheers to all!
Amanda Benson
Associate Publisher