Destined to Travel the World


by Stephanie Struyck Elgin
He is the founder of a successful video production and web design company, has traveled the world, and is a few months away from obtaining his bachelor’s degree at Cal State Pomona…and he’s only 22.
Meet Santa Clarita resident and entrepreneur, Nick Piscitello.
While most young kids dream of being astronauts and firefighters, Nick had his sights set on being his own boss.  “When I was younger, I knew I never wanted to work for other people.  When I got out of high school, I sold insurance for two years, and then decided to travel for awhile.”
It was during these travels where Nick’s idea for building his company flourished.  “I met a few people along the way, started doing research, and now have my own company which, ultimately, allows me to travel.”
Nick’s company, Completion Web Studios, is a company which creates animated videos and websites to help other companies grow and spread the word online.  “I started this company because I like working for myself, and right now, I have it set up so I can run it from anywhere I want to.”  Nick continues, “I can be in Italy on the beach running my business if I wanted to.”
While traveling, Nick has met many like-minded entrepreneurs.  “I met a couple guys and we have helped each other along the way.  We Skype once or twice a week to talk about business and motivate each other.  The group has now grown to about 30 or 40 of us who meet up once or twice a year for fun.”
It’s not your local coffeehouse where the group meets.  In fact, they meet all over the world, including Greece and Thailand. “On the last trip, there were about 30 of us enjoying ourselves on the Greek Islands.  We had a great time.”
Shortly after graduating from California State University of Pomona next year, Nick plans to travel to Southeast Asia.  “I want to see as much of the world as I can.”
It’s no surprise that traveling is Nick’s favorite thing to do, as the 22 year-old spends his paychecks seeing the world venturing to places like Ireland, Spain, Italy, Poland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, and Russia, just to name a few.  Nick chooses the location, books the flight and everything in between is on a whim, submersing himself in the different cultures of the world, learning their language, eating their food and experiencing life as others know it.  “This last summer, I went with a friend who lived in Norway and we traveled all over Europe.”
While some may say that Nick is lucky to have found success at such a young age, it’s clear; luck has nothing to do with it, but rather his determination and will to succeed.  “The only reason why I think I am as successful in my business is because when I started, I had a dream to travel, and I wanted to make that happen.  Starting a business is like getting married, you have to be committed, from beginning to end, and I was committed.” Nick continues, “The best feeling in the world is getting on a plane and going somewhere new.  I love how the people walk, talk, dress…I love seeing the way the sun sets in different places.  I’ll do whatever it takes to be successful so that I can see the world.”

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