How to Become An Influencer – Part 1: Harness your passion and share it with the world

by | Mar 25, 2016 | #BeSocial

 Passion is a crazy thing.  Defined as “an intense desire or enthusiasm for something,” passion has swept us all up at some point in our lives.  Some of us find this huge, can’t-ignore-it-even-if-I-wanted-to passion that ultimately becomes our career, while others are happy finding passion in hobbies, causes or relationships.  Whatever your passion, you’re not alone.
The Internet has empowered us with the tools to explore our passions even further, while Social Media has enabled us to share them.  Whether it’s a tutorial on YouTube or a group on Facebook, we find ourselves with readily available resources at the click of a button.  You’re no longer left struggling to find a group who shares your interest; all you have to do now is build connections through Social Media.
By sharing your passion on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other platforms, you create relationships on a different level.  You become the writer by sharing your experiences and opinions through a blog post.  You become the contributor by commenting on another’s post.  You become the teacher by sharing your how-to video on YouTube.  You become the cheerleader by liking another’s comments.  You become the expert when you send out your newsletters, and you become the go-to resource once you’ve established credibility.
I have an old high school friend who lives on the other side of our beautiful country.  She amazes me with her ability to cook an entire month of meals in a single day.  Because, if I’m honest, the thought is a bit daunting to me.  She’ll drop hints that the big day is coming by posting on Facebook about her planning process or shopping list. On the day of her cooking spree, she’ll post pictures of a counter full of ingredients in the morning, followed with a freezer of filled containers in the evening.  Friends will ask her how she does it.  Does someone help cook?  Does she get her ideas from Pinterest or are they old family recipes?  What if her family doesn’t want what she cooked?  How does she know which container to defrost on which night?  What happens to the vegetables, do they wilt?  The questions are endless, and she enthusiastically answers each one.
Over the last couple of years, she’s established quite a following.  We all want to learn what she knows.  In high school, I had no idea she even knew how to cook, yet through Facebook, she has become the go-to person to ask when I need to make multiple meals in a single day.
If you’re passionate about something – whether it’s cooking, dogs, cars, fixing things, building things, storytelling, anything – share your passion through social media.  You never know who will secretly be learning from your journey.
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Editor’s Note:  Welcome to our Influencer series!  Over the next few issues, resident expert Claudia Sheridan will move from the basics to the nuances of becoming a social media influencer.  What’s an influencer, you ask?  A person who has the digital reach and power to affect others’ actions, behaviors, opinions and purchase decisions because of their knowledge, position or relationships.  Essentially, influencers use social media to build networks and spread messages.  Do you have a passion worth sharing?  Read on to become an influencer in your world.