Wedding Food Trends

by | Jul 25, 2016 | Bridal

 Whether you’re looking forward to a perfectly prepared steak or the elaborate seafood spread popularized by many romantic comedies, food is certainly an important part of your wedding day.
There is a psychology to food, and it can trigger emotions deep within simply with it’s particular aroma.  Growing up my Italian grandmother made everything from scratch – and to this day, it’s how I cook. So when my own wedding came to fruition, a good home cooked meal was what I wanted my guests to eat.  My husband and I sat down with our family and we enjoyed all of our favorite home cooked meals from our childhoods.  It was pure perfection.
Recent trends in food have driven chefs to design their food – they are literally creating plates of art for their starters, main courses and desserts.  Presentation is at the forefront, followed right by flavor profiles.  Combinations we would have never imagined or considered are now the hot ticket on the menu.  Take the Chobani brand of yogurt for instance.  They now feature a flavor called Sriracha Mango—targeting the sweet & spicy flavors that so many people love.
As caterers, restaurants, and private chefs evolve with the market trends, we are now seeing some truly creative and delicious presentations of food at weddings.  From Pre-Wedding tapas, to the pièces de résistance: the main course— the sky is the limit!  Family style food preparations are always great for those who want that down-home feeling while plated cuisine offers a level of of refinement that a wedding commands.
And don’t forget about your rehearsal dinner – booking your favorite local eatery is always a fun way to spend the night before the big day.  With the recent popularity of gastro pubs — a pub specializing in serving highly artistic, high-quality food – Southern California cuisine has taken a much-needed turn to mouth-watering eats and satisfying drinks.  Now don’t get me wrong… I love a good breaded mozzarella stick with marinara sauce, but now I enjoy them deconstructed and re-imagined into something designed for a complete sensory experience.
Your night won’t be complete without a signature drink, also sparking the newly famous event hash tag theme.  From creating a signature cocktail based on the couples favorite tastes to digitally tagging all of the images from your wedding into one collected search, customizations are THE thing to complete your memorable day.  And don’t worry if you’re not a wordsmith, has a Hash tag generator to create a memorable and fun social experience.
Either way, food is fun—it brings people together and creates memories that will last a lifetime.  Enjoy your day, love the food and remember it’s all over in a blink, so take in every moment possible.