Creating Their Happily Ever After John Musella & Ivan Volschenk Work Hard and Travel the World

by | Nov 18, 2016 | Dynamic Couple

 It all began 5 years ago in West Hollywood with a few mutual friends: John Musella and Ivan Volschenk connected.  Two years later, just after the Supreme Court ruling legalized same sex marriage, they affirmed their commitment to each other and married in August of 2014.
“On one of our first dates, Ivan met my whole family.  It was my sister’s birthday, and we were all celebrating together; so I decided to invite Ivan.  It’s definitely one of those situations where it either works, or it doesn’t.  Luckily ours did, and we never looked back,” says John.
Ivan, relatively new to the states from Johannesburg, South Africa, was working hard to expand the reach of his company, AdvanceSoft. A self-taught software developer, Ivan saw a specific need within South Africa’s legal world and took the initiative to develop something that was not only productive and reliable, but also accessible. With clients in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana, Ivan works today on building the awareness of his company within the states and looks to open an office here soon.
At the time they met, John had just finished his work as Director of Communications/Government and Environmental Affairs for Newhall Land.  His experience in the community gained him a strong reputation as the PR Mad Man he is known as today.  As president of the Musella Group, John’s current offerings to his clients include the best in media relations, community relations, government affairs, crisis communications, strategic planning, executive and brand positioning, event coordination and management and message development.  With a strong focus on community, John also promotes philanthropy as a large part of his clients’ footprint within Santa Clarita, as well as his own.  Serving on the Board of Directors for Child & Family Center, LA BizFed and the Santa Clarita Valley Economic Development Corporation, John also is taking the lead next year as Chairman of the Board for the Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce.  With such an extensive communications-oriented background, we can be sure to see great things while John presides.
As both John and Ivan balance their professional and personal commitments, they always find the time to come back to each other and make their life together a priority.
“We both work extremely hard, so we make sure to enjoy life as well,” says John.
“We both love to travel,” Ivan adds.  “Just this year we went to Europe and were able to share three wonderful cities together.  John showed me around London, a place I had never been, and I introduced him to Venice — a city I absolutely love!  It was truly a highlight of the life we have created together for me to share that with John.  We also visited Paris, and as always, the city of love never disappoints.  It was very magical.”
These days you can find John and Ivan nestled happily in their Valencia home as they soon celebrate one year and their first official Christmas with their lab, Libby, and Bruce, their rescue cat.