How To Expand Your Online Business With ETSY

by | Nov 18, 2016 | #BeSocial

 If you’re looking to sell your crafty creations this holiday season, consider selling your work on Etsy.  Etsy is an online marketplace that focuses on handmade and vintage items.  Creating a storefront is as easy as visiting and clicking the “Sell on Etsy” link.  But, there’s a little more to it, and if you’d like to set yourself up for success, I encourage you to consider the following tips.

Create your Etsy Storefront
– Choose your name wisely
Selecting a name for your Etsy usually goes one of two ways: the easiest part or the hardest part; there is no in-between. If you’ve dreamed of opening a store, then you probably have a name in mind.  However, with so many people on Etsy, the odds are it may already be taken.  If your name isn’t available, don’t be discouraged – just get creative.  Try adding the word “shop” or “boutique” after your dream name.  Don’t worry: Etsy allows you to change your name once after opening your store. After that, your name is set.
– Complete your profile
Just like any other store, buyers like to know who they’re doing business with.  Upload a profile picture, complete your bio and complete your store’s “About” section.  Update your site on a regular basis to keep your content relevant and products fresh.

Showcase your items
There are five ways you can capture a shopper’s attention on Etsy.
– A Great Headline
Like a good headline to an article, item titles should be designed to attract attention.  Clearly describe your product in the title and include words shoppers would use to search for your product.  You only have 155 characters, including spaces, so keep it short.
– A Personal Description
Once your picture grabs the buyer’s attention, she’ll click to learn more about your product.  Avoid mechanical and impersonal descriptions, if you can.  Instead, let the buyer in on the creative process by providing them with a description that enables you to connect with the buyer on a creative level.
– A Beautiful Photo
Although a professional photo session for your items isn’t mandatory, you want to use beautiful photos for your products. After all, there’s nothing like making a good first impression.  When taking photos, make sure your products are photographed in a way that makes them stand out.  Use a good camera and adequate lighting.  Etsy is an image-driven site, so shoppers tend to make decisions based on their needs, their personal taste and your shop’s images.
– A Fair Price
Just like any competitive marketplace, make sure your prices remain competitive, while still turning a profit.  Know who your competitors are, as well as their price points.  Don’t undercharge, but don’t overcharge either.
– Relevant Tags
Your tags are one of the primary ways shoppers find your items on Etsy.  Take advantage of Etsy’s search engine by utilizing all 13 tags in your product listing.  Not sure what to include?  Try asking your friends what they would type in the search bar to find your item or a similar product.

Land Your First Sale
There are two ways to land your first sale on Etsy.  First, you can sit back, relax and wait to be notified.  If selling your items isn’t top priority, then this method may be ideal.  However, if you’d like to move some product, then consider a different approach: social media.
Marketing your Etsy store via social media is probably one of the most cost-effective ways to get the word out.  Start by connecting your Etsy store to your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts.  This allows you to share your products directly from Etsy’s Listing Manager to your social media accounts.  To learn how to connect your Facebook accounts to Etsy, visit

Track What’s Hot And Change
What’s Not
Items not selling?  Remember, there is plenty of competition on Etsy.  Take a more analytical approach to your store traffic by tracking your products’ popularity.  Create a spreadsheet and document how many views and favorites your listings have daily.  Don’t forget to include the price of the item, a description of the photo and the keyword(s) of your listing.  If your item receives multiple views each day but only one or two people are favoriting your item, then chances are your keywords are fine, but your photos or description are missing the mark.  However, if your item receives numerous favorites, but you haven’t made a sale, then consider altering your price or description.
Remember, placing your items on Etsy is akin to opening a storefront – but online.  You’ll want to invest some time into researching your market and determining if there’s a need.  From there, I’d advise putting together a business plan to guide your efforts and keep your energy focused on making a quality product and providing an exceptional customer experience.
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