Social Media Marketing from the Inside Out – Meet Blossom Social

by | Nov 18, 2016 | #BeSocial

 With the growth of social media, many companies are seeing the benefit of supplementing traditional business-to-consumer marketing models with more organic forms of branding, such as digital word-of-mouth and consumer engagement.  Wise to that trend, the innovators at Blossom Social have tapped into a unique social media-based marketing platform that doesn’t fit the typical mold: They would bring the consumer to the brand, rather than the other way around.
“Instead of creating our own marketing content and trying to reach consumers, we wanted to tap into the existing consumer base and use their genuine excitement about a brand to foster additional growth,” said Tamer Abdel, founder and president of Blossom Social.
Rather than taking over a company’s social media and producing content internally, Blossom Social helps to corral, nurture and create social media posts from real, happy consumers who already support the brand. In a sense, it’s social media marketing from the inside out.
“We are a user-generated content marketing company,” he said simply.  “Our content is produced by real people — not by the actual brand.”
Keeping an eye out for organic content, Blossom Social constantly monitors the social media activity for its brands, looking for testimonials and other usable content.
“A lot of brands fall short in terms of producing content because they don’t know how to produce enough varied and unique content,” he said.
While the company provides many services, its live events division has attracted major national clients.  During the 2015 Academy Awards, for example, Blossom Social brought in the team and equipment necessary for attendees to take photos and post them directly to their personal social media accounts, by way of email.  Blossom Social also was contracted for events including an Elton John Oscar after-party,Style Fashion Week, a Pepsi beverage promotion in Las Vegas and the Rolling Stone Superbowl.
“Companies bring us into their events to highlight and capture the moment,” he said.  “Then we help the brand maximize its reach and engagement.  Guests of the event become ambassadors of the brand, and we’ve created a live, interactive branded experience.”
Locally, residents may have seen Blossom Social work its event magic at Dancing With Our Stars, where many guests interacted with the popular HALOCAM.  A camera enveloped in flattering photo-ready light, the HALOCAM allows users to take photos and send them to their own email accounts with just a few clicks of the camera’s touch screen interface.  In addition to using the camera at events, Blossom Social sells and distributes the technology worldwide, with sales from Dubai to Singapore.
For a company founded just four years ago, Blossom Social has experienced a lot of growth in a short period of time.
“For all our services, we try to create excitement around your brand and capture great content, as well as bring awareness to the event,” Abdel said.
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