Physicians Focus on YOU at Henry Mayo – Dr. Brian Downs

by | Jul 24, 2017 | Closeup

The human body’s ability to heal is something to marvel at; but in the same way that crops can’t grow without water and gardening, healthy cells can’t form without restored circulation and proper wound care. Focusing on advanced wound care, Medical Director Brian Downs, D.O. seeks to treat patients suffering from chronic wounds that have not shown improvement or healed in the standard four to six- week period. He has practiced as an independent physician working with a group of wound care physicians in the Outpatient Wound Care Services clinic of Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital since its inception almost 14 years ago. He has worked closely in conjunction with primary care and other specialty surgeons to achieve superior healing outcomes. “We are not an Urgent Care,” he explained, “We treat chronic wounds and look to restart the healing process by wound debridement followed by use of topical medication, skin substitutes, and pressurized oxygen treatments allowing the body to restart the healing process.”
With the rebuilding of their clinic scheduled for completion this summer, Dr. Downs is proud to introduce the first of its kind in this valley—two hyperbaric chambers. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) was initially used for scuba divers with decompression sickness. This form of therapy has evolved into a medical treatment utilizing pressurized oxygen in a specialized chamber to treat certain wound types. HBOT is not a cure-all for every wound, but rather an adjunctive treatment modality that creates an environment within the body to stimulate tissue growth and fight against infection. Typically, a patient will be prescribed 20 to 30 treatments each of 90 minutes duration for proper oxygenating of the targeted area. This optimal wound environment helps patients with cancer-related radiation ulcers, diabetic foot ulcerations, and bone infections recover quicker. Although the new space has taken a number of years for funding and regulation approvals, the hospital has been very supportive of the HBOT decision.“Henry Mayo is a top 21st Century facility that is forward-thinking and receptive of new ideas,” Dr. Downs said.
At a 90 percent success rate, the clinic provides general wound care. Wounds are treated with medical creams, skin substitutes, and compression wraps. Working closely with the professional staff, patients can expect a program individualized based on their specific condition while considering all underlying factors such as vascular insufficiency and diabetes. “People don’t heal overnight,” Dr. Downs said, “It’s nice to see them progress and to build a relationship they can trust and feel comfortable with.”
Originally from the windy city, Dr. Downs has travelled all across the country throughout his years of training. From pre-med in Hawaii to residency in Alabama, he made his way to Santa Clarita in 1999 with a specialty in Family Medicine, Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine. Having practiced medicine for over 20 years, Dr. Downs can be found in the Outpatient Wound Care clinic and at Henry Mayo Urgent Care Center three times per week. Dr Downs enjoys going to the beach with his wife and five dogs.