Physicians Focus on YOU at Henry Mayo – Dr. Mark LIKER

by | Jul 24, 2017 | Closeup

The brain is the final frontier in understanding the human body. Neurosurgeon Mark Liker, M.D. has practiced for 16 years at the California Neurosurgical Institute in Valencia offering a broad range of medical techniques for brain and spine procedures. “There’s an art to doing this type of work,” Liker explained, “It’s about considering what creates pain and identifying the least invasive solution.”

While Liker’s first interest was in orthopedics, he went on to pursue a residency in neurosurgery and fellowship in complex spine surgery at USC Keck Medical Center. His curiosity also piqued studying neuromodulation, changing the way the body communicates with the nervous system, with an equal admiration of the biomedical engineering side of innovation. As founder and senior partner at California Neurosurgical Institute, Liker brings cutting edge technology along with clinical expertise to create a localized center that focuses treatment options from the simplest to most difficult conditions. This covers all aspects of spine surgery, brain and spinal tumor removal, peripheral nerve decompression, shunt placements, traumatic brain injury, and endovascular therapy of aneurysms. “My practice is a total immersion and there is no greater satisfaction than curing others,” he said.
As the leading neurological center in Los Angeles, Ventura, and Kern County, the goal is for patients to reach an activity level of success by providing all the tools they need in one place. This team of board-certified doctors and experienced physician assistants emphasize precision and offer educated perspective for any case. Whether it’s a fast-recovery neck surgery that allows a police officer to return to work or a malignant brain tumor resection that adds more years to a woman’s life, Liker believes it is important to do what is necessary to help every patient get back on their feet in the quickest and simplest way.
The use of state of the art technology combined with the support of the Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital is a rare find in the Greater Los Angeles Area. “I feel very fortunate to be part of the community environment in Santa Clarita and having the paramount support of the hospital to embrace new equipment and concepts,” Liker said.
Other hospital affiliates include Northridge Medical Center and Los Robles Medical Center.  As faculty at USC, Liker had functioned as director for Deep Brain Stimulation for 15 years. For him, a typical day usually consists of surgery or clinical consultations where he examines patients to synthesize critical points of information in determining the best method of care.
In the years to come Liker looks to expand the treatments given and to shape the skill-set of the doctors with hopes of continuing to build infrastructure for the hospital. He plans on spending time with his two children before the oldest goes off to college and perfecting his golf swing.