Full House Gets Fuller with Dashiell and Fox Messitt

by | Sep 25, 2017 | Dynamic Couple

 When Full House aired in September of 1987, viewers everywhere fell in love with the Tanners and their unconventional family life. So much so that the show—starring Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, John Stamos, Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, and, of course, the Olsen Twins—became a pop culture phenomenon. Now, 30 years later, the Tanner girls are all grown up and experiencing parenthood back where it all began. Only this time, their childhood home feels Fuller and a new set of twins are stealing the hearts of fans, new and old.
Meet Santa Clarita residents Dashiell and Fox Messitt, the two-and-a-half twin boys starring as Tommy Fuller Jr. on Netflix’s Full House sequel, Fuller House. We caught up with the twins’ mother, Kacy Andrews, to find out what it’s like to be a two-and-a-half-year-old on a hit series.
When it comes to their work schedule, the twins typically work four days a week, Tuesday through Friday. “Tuesday and Wednesday are usually rehearsal, Thursday is camera day, and Friday is camera day with [a] live audience,” says Andrews. “They love going to work. Even when it’s a weekend of hiatus, a lot of times they’ll be in the car and [say], ‘Fuller House? Going to Fuller House?’ and I’ll say, ‘no, not today, it’s closed’ and then they get upset.” One of their favorite things to do on set? Cast intros and curtain call. “This year they started doing cast intros and the curtain calls and they love [it],” says Andrews. “It’s really cute to see them run out together as fast as they can and get so excited during the cast intros and curtain calls.”
As far as their performances are concerned, the two make a great team. “When one of them is acting up, or tired, or not in the mood, they rush the other one out to the stage,” says Andrews. “It’s like, ‘oh Fox is done, Dash you [have to] pull it out’ and he does,” she adds. In season one, the twins split their camera time 50/50, then, in season two, Dashiell did more of the work. And now, in season three, Fox has come into his own. “He is a ham and loves the audience reactions, especially on show nights. When he gets laughter he takes it and runs and tries to get more laughter. It’s been really fun to watch him blossom into this little performer.”
Apart from being identical twins, the boys are actually total opposites. “Dashiell has always been a little more of the serious one and Fox has always been a little more outgoing [with a] bigger personality. [He’s a] bit of a jokester,” says Andrews. “They both like to have a laugh and they’re both athletic and strong—so, that’s where they’re the same—and they’re competitive. I would say Fox is more competitive, which is why they sometimes fight over who gets to go out to  the set because they both enjoy [doing it]. So, sometimes they’ll get into arguments.
And usually Fox will win. [It’s] been funny to see how competitive they get with each other.”
Their performances and personalities aren’t the only things that have blossomed since their debut on the show. Their relationships with cast members have evolved, too. Out of the adults, the boys are closest to their TV mom, Candace Cameron Bure. But, they’ve really gravitated towards their TV brother, Elias Harger (Max Fuller). “He’s closest in age and will come into the dressing room and play with them quite frequently,” says Andrews. “They play with him in the same manner that they do with their real life older brother.”

As for their future as actors, Andrews says she’ll let them choose their own destiny. “They’re only two-and-a-half [and] will stay with the show as long as the show’s running and wants them. After that, it really depends. My plan is not to necessarily have them continue acting, unless it’s something they really want to do. I am all for them having normal childhoods. They’re their own beings now and if it’s something they love and gravitate towards and are unhappy not doing it, then of course I am not going to be like ‘you can’t do it.’ But, it’s something I wouldn’t push on them.”


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