An Angel On and Off the Stage!

by | Nov 21, 2017 | Closeup

International Author Haruki Murakami put it best, “If you’re young and talented, it’s like you have wings.” Santa Clarita Resident, Savannah Burrows is not only talented with a guitar and on a microphone, she is an emerging leader in her community. At only 16 years old she is a true inspiration to young people everywhere, she is making great strides in music and our community.
Since birth Savannah has been surrounded by all things music–her mom Bobbi studied music at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and immersed her child in the craft. Since the early years Savannah knew she would be a star. She begged her dad, Bruce, to put her in guitar lessons and how could a father say no to his little girl? Since the first time she played an acoustic guitar and wrote her first song her music showed a person that was way beyond her years. She draws inspiration from artist like Garth Brooks, Taylor Swift, and Kenney Chesney. She appreciates them for their voice and the way they carry themselves not just the lyrics of their songs.  Savannah credits Taylor Swift as her biggest influence. Burrows not only values her for her talent as an artist, but hopes to follow in Swift’s footsteps as being an inspiration to young people everywhere to follow their dreams. And like Taylor she wants to “earn her place in country music, “says Savannah.
Her stage presence resonates amongst her ever growing audience and this charisma and raw talent earned Savannah the win for the 2016 Country Showdown Contest. She has played for large audiences in Los Angeles and even traveled to Nashville, Tennessee. There she played at the Bluebird Café where country icons like Garth Brooks and Taylor Swift were discovered. She has opened for “Vocal Duo of the Year” nominees The Swon Brothers right here in her hometown. She draws happiness from playing in the Santa Clarita Valley.  “This is my  town, I love Santa Clarita and it is the most heartwarming thing to play for everyone.”
This young woman has it all beauty, brains, and a big heart! Savannah has played for numerous causes throughout the Santa Clarita Valley. Recently, she sang the National Anthem for a tribute ceremony that payed homage to first responders who battled to the record breaking fire season this last year. This rising star was born and raised right here in the SCV. When posed with the question how she is able to balance school, being a normal teenager, community service, and becoming a singer? She simply replied,” It reflects on things that make me happy… but it is difficult.” She also has her “me time” in which she said, “me time is writing music.” Savannah also has the support of her family. Her parents want her to pursue her music and help with every aspect along the way be it her father shaping her business mind and helping with lyrics or her mom molding her vocals.
Savannah is on the rise at only 16 years old she is already so accomplished. On top of her already busy schedule she is the host of a radio talk show for a local station and is a host on West Ranch TV. Every last Saturday of the month catch Savannah alongside her cohost, Hannah Greenwald on AM-1220 from 10-11 a.m. She enjoys the script writing of the two shows and she says, “I have learned how to empathize with people through script writing, which helps me bring out emotion in my music.”  



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