Your Facebook Ad Isn’t the Problem

by | Nov 21, 2017 | #BeSocial

 Why did you get into business?
I’m going to guess that it’s because you had this amazing idea and you felt that it could solve someone’s problem. After all, if it solves a pressing problem, then who wouldn’t be willing to pay for the solution?  But how do you get the word out?  Enter Facebook…
With 2 billion global users, there must be someone who can benefit from your product or service, right?  So you create a Facebook Page, start posting and maybe run an ad or twelve, and then nothing.  In fact, the sound of crickets chirping provides more entertainment than the volume of leads pouring in.
The reasons for the lack of performance may vary, but I’m going to point out one of the most common reasons Facebook marketing fails.
It’s because you lost sight of the problem that you’re solving.
How do you begin the conversation about your business?
Hint: Start with the problem you are solving.
Facebook, at its core, is a relationship enhancer.  It connects you with people that know you, like you and trust you.  But when it comes to business, it’s like the term relationship becomes foreign.  I see this time and time again.  I’ll speak with a business owner and we’ll review their Facebook ad.  An ad that, if it were printed, would fit right in with those junk mailers that we throw away.
The difference is that when I pick up my physical mail, I’ll glance through those ads to see if there’s a deal to be taken advantage of.  I’m not looking for a solution to my problems, I’m looking for a deal.  Be honest, you probably are too.
But when we log in to Facebook, we’re not looking for deals, we’re looking to connect.  We’re looking to share joy, give compassion, agree (and disagree) with opinions. We log into Facebook to join or observe a conversation. We’re looking to establish and further relationships. We are not expecting to be sold to.
So how do you begin the conversation about your business?
Hint: Start with the problem you are solving.
You establish relationships with individuals that are experiencing the same challenges and offer them assistance.
You share insight as to why the problem can be overcome and empathize because you’ve battled this challenge as well.
You provide undeniable value.
THEN, and ONLY THEN.. you offer your product and/or service at a price.
Facebook, at its core, is a relationship enhancer. It connects you with people that know you, like you, and trust you.
This process can take minutes, or it can take years.  It all comes down to how good you are at communicating with others and how quickly you can get another person to know you, like you and trust you.
How do you make your Facebook ad perform better?
Know your target market.
Write down a list of problems that your product or service solves.
Jot down the pain points that the problem presents, in detail.
Seek out and establish a relationship with your target audience.  Provide them value. Don’t ask, just share and solve their problems.  Reduce their pain.
Once you’ve broken the ice and have established a relationship, craft a conversion campaign which includes your “ask”.  Your ask is your call to action, such as “Like”, “Share”, “Download”, “Sign-Up”, “Buy”.. etc…
And remember, always focus on the problem, not the solution.
What problem do you solve?



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