Meet SCV’s Ultimate Realtor: Dippy Chhina

by | Nov 21, 2017 | Closeup

It pays to come into the course of buying a home fully equipped with the right information. While this decision can often stir up great emotion, fear should not be one of them. Whether looking to buy or sell, Dippy Chhina knows the ins and out of the Santa Clarita market and is keen on educating her clients. As the #1 agent of Dilbeck Real Estate, a family-owned brokerage company comprised of 14 offices throughout Southern California, Dippy has sold a number of homes in her pivotal role of Senior Estates Director. In 2009 after the real estate housing bubble burst, she found herself starting out in a business so many realtors were abandoning. Her commitment to helping families who were negatively affected by the loss of their home still inspires her today to impart knowledge and simplify the sales process. “My passion then was informing people about real estate so they can make the best decisions for their families, and it has only grown,” Dippy said.
This seed to sell was planted early on as a child by her father, a reputable property developer in England who converted existing properties into scenic apartment complexes. “My dad gave me my business brain and my mum gave me my business heart,” she said. Her mother also gave her legal name Lovdeep, which means an ocean of wishes, calling her Deepi for short.  As a joke, her older brother devised the nickname Dippy when she was too young to read and it has stuck ever since.  At 15-years-old Dippy was managing a Papa John’s Pizza restaurant and by the age of 18 she became a franchisee. She later owned and operated with her family the top three pizza stores in the UK all while completing her master’s degree in organizational analysis.
Then in 2007, Dippy did something her mum told her never to do and she talked to a boy—the same boy she ended up moving to the USA for-whom she is now happily married to and raising their two sons Veer and Viraj. “When the babies came everything had to become a lot more systemized to do it all without skipping a beat,” she said. Not only was Dippy running a household and cherishing time spent with her children, but she was also putting in extra efforts to relate to her client’s needs. With no lapse in the quality provided, she streamlined the selling process to maximize returns and generate great exposure in half the time. “When someone is selling a house, the rest of their lives don’t stop; it’s just another huge thing added onto their plate,” Dippy said, “So my philosophy is: How can I make this process simpler for them whilst ensuring they get the maximum return?”
She has a natural talent to be able to read the market and ensure her clients are positioned to take advantage of it. Her customized step-by-step program and marketing strategies are proven to produce offers, at or above asking price. First, Dippy presents the facts for the purpose of educating her clients to accurately value their home based on location, size, and condition. Next is the staging phase, which includes de-cluttering and storage services, transforming the best home features to appeal to the buyers of that specific market. Then comes her multimedia marketing plan focused on immediate and direct exposure to regional, national, and international buyers as well as real estate agents. Finally, is launching the listing, negotiating terms, and closing. Dippy emphasizes communication, professionalism, and kindness with every transaction.
With business flourishing, Dippy is seeking out local charities to give back to the community that has given her so much already. “I am very thankful to Santa Clarita Valley for letting me do what I love every day and helping me support my family,” she said.
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