Production An Expression of Adventure!

by | Nov 21, 2017 | Closeup

After 30 years of commuting to his iconic Hollywood post production studio, Dennis Ho has moved his Digital Jungles Post Production headquarters to Santa Clarita, the booming film hub he’s known as home since his neighborhood was “nothing more than a tumbleweed,” as he put it. Devoted to his calling as a producer and director, Dennis has reached the point in his career where he can delve into personal passion projects as well as servicing his clientele. For him, relocating his operations to Santa Clarita was part of finding his balance. “It was quite a change, but I felt that Santa Clarita was ready for a full-service post production facility,” he said.
Once Dennis earned his dual degree in media film broadcasting and music, he began working for local television stations in the Bay Area and then transferred to Los Angeles in the heart of entertainment as a senior writer producer for ABC. In the late 1970s, he edited promo and sales presentations for new shows, relying solely on the basics his education provided him. He would soon be mentored by Ernie Anderson. For those in the industry, especially voice over talent, Ernie Anderson, was quite the character; an old seasoned television curmudgeon with a big commanding voice that could make young writer/producers cry if they got on the wrong side of him. Ernie’s favorite quote was: “Here’s a dime, go call your mother and tell her you’ll never make it as a writer in this town.” “He wasn’t my boss, but I knew enough never to cross him,” Dennis laughed, remembering being read the riot act in front of his colleagues. “However, once you got to know him, you learned he was a man with a heart of gold.” Grateful for this tough love, Dennis was introduced to the strict discipline of writing early on and developed the skills necessary to survive in the creative realm of production.
Later on, he worked at Marks Communication under another influential figure in his career, Harry Marks.   Marks was one of the industry’s leading pioneers that shaped broadcast design as we see it today on all television networks here and worldwide. Under his tutelage, Dennis honed his visual eye. Once Harry retired, Dennis inherited the accounts and was writing, producing, and directing on-going projects. For decades thereafter, Dennis spearheaded his own production company and, by 1992, had built a full-service facility in Hollywood known as Digital Jungle Post Production.
As CEO, Dennis has kept up with the constant client-base changes and technological trends while maintaining relationships and providing excellent service. Paring down the new suite by 20,000 sf. was also tactful in his desire to concentrate on the essence of post production: color grading, audio, and graphic design. With this in mind, Digital Jungle Post offers professional crews and premium equipment well beyond the functions of the average desktop computer. The current space holds an impressive digital intermediate 4K theater, audio mixing room with recording booth, and motion graphics editing station complete with After Effects software.  “We’re not a factory here, but we’re a boutique that can give clients intimacy with each project and create great relationships,” Dennis said.
Through his creative spin-off Digital Jungle Pictures, an independent film and television company, content development is now integrated with post. In the last five years, Dennis has been involved with three main Indie films including A Better Place, Day of Days, and Broken Dreams. Additionally, he wrote and directed a documentary entitled Qi, which explores the practice of recognizing energy and its influence on humanity. This passion project stemmed from his ability to perform Qi at a certain level for the purpose of helping others. “It’s fun to help people,” he said, “rather than doing all of this as an occupation, it becomes more of a hobby that I can enjoy.”
Nowadays, Dennis has found the beauty in delegating work to make time for what is important. His goal is to eat well, exercise, do right, and continue living a more balanced and creative life.