A Life of Love and Innovative Results! – Alwyn & Rachel Cosgrove

by | Jan 19, 2018 | Dynamic Couple

 Many say love is never easy, but through much training and perseverance, it gets stronger! Our love story begins with two young people taking a bite out of the Big Apple. Rachel had just graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara and went to live in New York City.  She earned a scholarship at a dance studio but wanted to get into fitness training, sending her resume all over the “City that Never Sleeps”. Finally, she got a job as a trainer at a new development in Times Square where a young trainer from Scotland, Alwyn, would be the fitness director. This new, cutting edge 100,000 square foot facility was going to change the face of fitness, but it never actually opened. However, during training for their new positions they happened to have met. He a seasoned trainer with years of experience, showed her that there was so much to learn about training and fitness and from there, this sparked more than a love for fitness.
Although the new gym did not open this got Rachel thinking about how things could be better in the fitness industry and Alwyn shared very similar views. To put it into context, personal training was not a career field in the 90’s. It was more of a “temporary job to do while someone figured out what to do next,”  stated Rachel recalling those years.
After two years of dating, Alwyn moved back to Scotland and Rachel went back to her hometown of Santa Clarita. During this time, they continued to be together in a long distance relationship and visited each other at every chance. Some time passed and the two eventually got engaged and would come back to sunny California to begin their lives together. While in California, both Rachel and Alwyn worked at separate gyms while they figured what would be their next step and where they were going to settle. Frustrated with where they were working they revisited the idea of starting their own gym and that’s when Results Fitness was born.
In the year 2000, they started in a humble room on Walnut Street in Newhall and over the next 17 years Results Fitness grew into a cornerstone of fitness and training. For almost two decades Rachel and Alwyn Cosgrove have been very influential in the fitness industry. Recently the Cosgroves launched Results Fitness University where they coach upcoming fitness trainers on how to make it in the industry. They have been featured in numerous magazines including Runner’s World and Women’s Health Magazine. They are constant contributors and consultants to other trainers, publications and fitness brands like Nike and Gatorade. Also, the two have authored 11 best selling books such as The New Rules of Lifting Series and The Female Body Breakthrough, which are available on Amazon. Their accomplishments and dedication to their craft has earned Results Fitness recognition as one of the top ten gyms in the U.S. by Men’s Health Magazine.
Over the years, Rachel and Alwyn Cosgrove have seen huge success with Results Fitness and with their many other ventures. Their love for each other and commitment to business has stood the test of time. The Cosgroves have endured cancer (twice), a home invasion, a relationship oceans apart, living pay check to pay check and have persevered over many obstacles to get where they are today. Although they are quite decorated and successful they remain humble and always willing to learn.



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