A Life Together Through the Seasons! – Randal & Gail Winter

by | Jan 19, 2018 | Dynamic Couple

 It only took seven times to get her phone number when she finally obliged.
“Well it seemed like I asked her seven times,” said the outspoken Randal Winter.
“I was working, trying to wait on tables and do my job,” said Gail with a shy grin.
New York-born and southern California raised, Randy met the northern California native at a UCLA football game. Gail was a recent college graduate when Randy first laid eyes on her, and the rest, as they say, is history.
After visiting Gail at the restaurant she worked at in Westwood, the two went to the Griffith Observatory for their first date on September 27, 1975. The couple ended the evening at the Playboy Club.
“We had our biorhythms done that night and found out we are pretty compatible,” said Gail. “Randy was nice, very attentive and I loved his eyes, his expressive eyes.”
The two dated on and off for five years before Randy popped the question right around Thanksgiving, 1980.
“I was hesitant to get married, I wanted to make sure she was the right person,” said Randy, “but I finally said to myself, ‘This is the one,’ and we have been together ever since.”

The Winters married on April 11, 1981, at Holbrook-Palmer Park in northern California. They said their vows just before the 2 p.m. train passing.
The newlyweds made their home in North Hollywood. A few months after they wed, Gail was accepted into nursing school at LA County Nursing School. Meanwhile, Randy ran his own construction business as a licensed general contractor.
“We have always been busy, always been active,” said Randy. “At one time we had only one car, but we worked through it, and did what we needed to do to make it happen.”
Two sons, Scott and Steven, and a few homes later, the Winters made their move to the Santa Clarita Valley in 1993 and have since made it their home.
Randy runs a successful construction company, Randal G. Winter Construction, and holds licenses in eight different classifications. He is active in the community and was an Instructor at the College of the Canyons for the plumbing trade.
Gail works at Facey in Mission Hills. She retired as a nurse from the Saugus Union School District. She also worked with the Newhall School District and the LA County Public Health Department.
What is the secret to their successful partnership?
“I think you have to have a common bond,” said Randy. “We are committed to each other, and we enjoy being with each other.”
Now that their children are adults, they spend their time going out on their own.
“We have gone through phases,” Randy added. “First boating, Harley riding, and now we are in the motorhome phase. We spend time doing stuff together.”
“Randy is a loving husband, he is supportive, and he has a mind of his own,” said Gail. “But he stands up for what he believes in and voices his opinion. He listens to what I say, and we bounce ideas back and forth.”
Gail, diagnosed with breast cancer 10 years ago, is now cancer-free.  Gail took a moment to reflect.
“It was a challenging time, surreal for me, traumatic for him,” said Gail. “But Randy never left my side and was very supportive.”
“As we age, we try to make things better, and Gail has always made a perfect home for the boys and me. She knew I was a challenge at first, and I needed some polishing, but I believe she could see the good in me, and worked it and worked it until it wore me down,” Randy laughed.
All kidding aside, Randy added, “We have always been honest with each other, and we do not hold things back. If we disagree, we say it, and we get it out there. I’ve always believed that with conflict comes resolution and she’s been on the same page. Marriage is a compromise, and we both agree and have been compromising ever since.”