In A Room Making Music

by | Jan 19, 2018 | Closeup

David Levison might just be one of the hardest working people in entertainment. From playing the guitar in his room as a kid, the Cal Arts and CSUN alum turned his genuine love for writing music into a successful career in the video game and technology industry.
As one opportunity led to another, David founded his own music production company. “We got a call from somebody who was looking for a video game sound designer. I thought it sounded interesting, checked it out, and ended up getting hired as a composer and sound designer for PlayStation games.”
Seven years after he got his start working on Star Wars games as a sound designer and composer for Lucas Arts, David went back to his roots and began performing with electronic rock group ZONK. He toured the US, opened for groups like the B 52’s and De La Soul, and got to meet and work alongside his future wife, Nic McFiendish. “There’s nothing like being in a band and touring together. There were so many crazy things that happened that will stick with you forever. Those were fun times.”
Throughout his journey, both in the limelight and behind the scenes, the support from his family and the values instilled in him at a young age pushed him to exceed even his own expectations. “Both of my parents have been incredibly supportive. They never discouraged me from pursuing music. One of the things I got from my mom was persistence and determination. When she wants something, she makes it happen. That’s something I’ve really appreciated.”
David’s mom, Sand Canyon Area Director for the Homeowners Association, Ruthann Levison, couldn’t be any prouder of her son. “You don’t want me to get started on how wonderful he is. He was a delicious child from the moment he was born to this very day. He’s just been a joy.”
Ruthann reminisces with fondness on the days when a teenage David and his band would practice in the house. While music wasn’t anything she or her husband ever pursued, they could still appreciate that it was David’s dream. “I feel that everybody comes into this world with talent and desire to do things. I told him to always keep an eye on all aspects of music. If he is a true musician and loves music, he has to have an appreciation for everything. Music gives you joy, whatever type it is. It’s been an interesting journey with him for sure.”
As much as David’s career continues to change to meet the demands of an evolving industry, some things remain the same. “If you think about what you spend most of your time doing as a kid, that’s probably what you should be doing as an adult. Once I got into music, a lot of time was spent in my room playing guitar, listening to records, and making music. And in a sense, I’m kind of doing the same thing now. I’m in a room making music.” 



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