From “Smile, Say Cheese” TO SAYING “I DO”! – Brian & Lindsay Schlick

by | Jan 19, 2018 | Dynamic Couple

 Our love story begins in Ketchikan (pronounced catch-a-can), Alaska. Two cruise ship employees met by chance on assignment. He, the video guru and her the English beauty behind the camera. She saw him and thought, oh ship! He saw her and thought what a cool camera! Lindsay would drop subtle hints and Brian remained aloof. After a few days Lindsay, being the go-getter she is thought to be more direct. So like any person with a crush she gave him an offer he could not refuse……a pizza date! After a few months of courtship Brian was offered a position in the corporate office, right here in Valencia, California.
He would move to Awesometown and Lindsay would remain on ships to finish her contract and then back to England. SO after much deliberation the two would split. Months past and it was now New Year’s Eve. Lindsay slowly was getting over the break up and vowed with the New Year she would move on completely. On the other side of the world, as fate would have it, Brian began having a change of heart. He missed that bubbly blonde with the amazing camera, and all his friends would not let him forget how much of a mistake he had made. So in the most romantic gestures known to man he sent an email asking how they could make this work.
Meanwhile, as the New Year loomed she was just about to move on when…ping; you’ve got mail! She read through and gave him a call; and what a call it was! She let him have it! Even through the many adjectives she used to describe him; he was just happy she called! After the dust settled the two would go on to try and make it work. For many, long distance can be very difficult but for these two the distance only made the heart grow fonder.
After some time, they came to understand that they were meant for each other, but had one slight problem: Lindsay was due back in England after the contract was up. One day, Brian said to Lindsay, “I guess you are going to have to marry me.” She replied with an astounding laugh, ” You’re hilarious” and being the smooth operator he was, he replied, ”So you won’t marry me?” And several months later they were married on a cruise ship amongst many friends and co-workers.
The Schlick’s are celebrating over a decade together and as they have developed their relationship they have become a pivotal role in our community. With their business SchlickArt Photography and Video they have been the cornerstone for professional and personal photos. They are constant in many community endeavors be it chairing a Jaycee event or lending media support to various non-profits. They are strong believers in the community and are happy to grow with our town and plan on contributing to that growth.”
SchlickArt Photography and Video offers a comfortable welcoming environment for all your photography needs. They are streamlining video production and editing for memorabilia and professional videos.
For an unforgettable experience in photography and video please contact SchlickArt at 661-309-5326 or 661-313-3907.



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