30 Years and Still Growing with Santa Clarita Studios

by | Mar 26, 2018 | Spotlight

For the past 30 years Santa Clarita Studios(SCS) has served as an independent, full-service studio. Since its inception in 1987 with a humble four stages, this family owned and operated business has been utilized in many productions through the years. From small television commercials to box office hits on the big screen, SCS has been the go to place for all production needs. Santa Clarita Studios carries a multimillion dollar inventory of lighting and grip equipment and has one of the largest inventories of LED lighting in the nation. They currently have 17 stages on site and have recently expanded to fit the flourishing film business. Each stage utilizes a “turn-key” method along with providing everything a production needs. “Our goal at Santa Clarita Studios is to provide our customers with a tailored, turn-key experience,” says SCS Vice President Richard Deutsch. “If we can keep the entire production here on the lot with us, we end up saving our clients time and money by streamlining the production process.”
Recently, Santa Clarita Studios expanded! Construction has just finished and the new offices spaces are now available. The 36,000 sq. feet includes 68 new offices, to accommodate a mix of executives, writers, and post-production teams. The building is also equipped with nine kitchens, a new elevator, several large multipurpose rooms as well as exterior storefronts and wide hallways for filming. SCS have also added several acres to their parking lot.. The studio made sure to use as many local companies to work on these projects, Intertex being their main contractor. “We want to keep our dollars in Santa Clarita,” Mike DeLorenzo, President of SCS commented. Additional to their expansion Santa Clarita Studios has begun plans to build a new backlot street of Downtown Los Angeles. The new backlot street will be one of the longest in the film industry.
Santa Clarita Studios is currently being utilized by numerous productions. You have seen their sets on television shows such as Santa Clarita Diet, where a realtor (Drew Barrymore) from the Santa Clarita Valley who lives a nice life with her husband (Timothy Olyphant) and daughter (Liv Hewson), and everything is perfect aside from the fact she eats people to stay alive! SCS has also just played home to the production of Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time. This movie had a budget in excess of $100 million and an all-star cast with huge names like Oprah, Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine and Mindy Kaling from The Mindy Project. SCS is also home to the hit television series SWAT starring Shemar Moore, Jay Harrington, and Stephanie Signman, just to name a few, and will soon become home to Hulu’s second season comedy, Futureman, starring Josh Hutcherson. Santa Clarita Studios attributes much of their success over the years to their working relationship with the city of Santa Clarita and the local film office. DeLorenzo shared, “it’s fantastic to collaborate with such a film-friendly community. I have managed studios all across the country and nothing compares to our film friendly community, from the Mayor’s office to your next door neighbor, people welcome you with open arms.” Their plans for the future include trying to keep as much dollars in our valley as possible and continue to provide superior service and convenience as the “one-stop shop” for production needs.