A Million Little Ways to Create Your Story

by | Mar 27, 2018 | Spotlight

Creativity and innovation does not come without failure. The many people Million Little serves, create beauty through life’s’ trials and tribulations. Each Art piece gives a voice to the artists’ allowing us to see life through their eyes.
The Million Little Organization was founded in 2010 by Santa Clarita Resident Ji Ahn. She wanted to make a place where underserved children and young adults could express themselves in a healthy manner. This cause holds dear to her heart because she endured similar struggles while growing up because she was different from her peers. “Because I was different I always felt like an outsider. My parents were not traditional parents, they allowed me to question and explore, but would say any consequence that follows is your responsibility” Ahn stated recalling fond memories. Because of their support Ahn grew up always knowing who she was and her capabilities, despite being different. With Million Little, she creates an environment where children who have been out-casted or have suffered hardships can try and realize their capabilities. “It only takes one person to see who you really are make you realize your potential.” Ahn continued, “I always believed in that process, that’s why I started Million Little to create that type of environment for our children.”
Since its inception, Million Little has been providing Creative Arts and Mindfulness programs and on-going research projects throughout Los Angeles County. Through their approach children and families are able to fully immerse themselves in learning through their own creative process. This allows them to develop and grow as their own authentic self. “The staff and volunteers don’t focus on teaching an art, but focus on the process and really honoring the children’s interests.” Ahn stated. The second component of Million Little is education and training for adults who support the children in the programs. These adults include teachers, parents, volunteers, and community members, so they may co-create an opportunity to heal and transform the lives of our children. Ahn commented, “It’s important to work with everyone in the community to support the healing process of our children.” The team also conducts research in various ways over a multi-year timeframe for each program, and uses the data collected to analyze and create improved workshops and programs. Recently, Million Little traveled abroad to study how creativity aides in learning and healing. The team studied several children from different walks of life: some who have disabilities, others who are typically developing, and children who are considered at risk. “Our research allows us to deepen our practice and how we serve,” Ahn noted.
“What do you notice when you hear Million Little?” Surprisingly everyone says the word “little”.
Recently, Million Little has started the Canvas Campaign, where they sell “little” 5x7 canvases for children and adults to make their own “little” works of art. Million Little hopes to accumulate one million canvases for display and auction. “Every child is different with a different story, each canvas gives that child a voice and with one million voices imagine what we can say when they are put together.”

Million Little Canvases
“Million Little Canvases” is our campaign to support our effort in helping the healing process of at-risk children through creative arts and mindfulness programs to heal and empower.
There are many ways to be a part of Million Little Canvases:
Buy our canvases: For yourself and/or loved ones and let your creativity flow. When you are done either keep the canvases to enjoy or donate them back to Million Little. Donated canvases will be auctioned at our fundraisers
Buy and host parties/events: Host birthday parties or school/company events using Million Little Canvases to help us reach One Million Canvases together
Sponsor our canvases All sponsored canvases will be offered to children and families at no cost for programs in underserved communities. Their voices will be heard through creative expressions on their canvases
$100 will sponsor 10 canvases
$250 will sponsor 25 canvases
$500 will sponsor 50 canvases
$1,000 will sponsor 100 canvases
For more information about Million Little Canvases or to be a corporate sponsor please contact [email protected] or visit our website www.MillionLittle.com. Million Little, a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization.

photo by Joie de Vivre photographie