It All Started In An Elevator – The Bjorkmans

by | Mar 27, 2018 | Dynamic Couple

The love story of Ann-Marie and Mike Bjorkman begins in a serendipitous moment where two lovers meet by chance in an elevator. She had just come in to sign the papers for her first house, he didn’t really have a reason to be in that elevator but some might say fate made its move in this case. They exchange small talk and the seeds of romance begin to sprout. Through the conversation she says, “I know who you are, I was going to use you as a realtor but you are too good looking” he just laughed, and they both exited the elevator. Mike went to the receptionist and said, “If that hot blonde comes back please give her my card.” And as luck would have it she returned. The receptionist called Mike and said, “That hot blonde came back and she told me to tell you she has a kid and if that’s a problem then take a hike.” He called her that evening and the two stayed up for hours talking until the early morning. During this conversation they realized they had meet once before while at a desert party in high school. Mike remembered that after he first saw her in high school that this was the girl he was going to marry. And on the contrary, after the phone call ended Ann-Marie knew this was going to be the man she was going to marry, and as fate had it they married October 1st, 2000.
Married for 17 years the Bjorkmans have lived in the Santa Clarita Valley where they have raised their two sons Andy, Maximus, and their two rescued dogs Maverick and Lucky. Their love for each has sprouted into such inspiration along with their devotion to the community. They share a philanthropic spirit and are constantly involved in several community endeavors. Recently Ann-Marie was appointed the President of the board for Boys and Girls Club, and both Ann-Marie and Mike are co-chairing this year’s auction. “I want to take care of the community that took care of me,” Mike commented. They remain truly dynamic with our ever growing community trying to lead balanced lives with this philosophy “to always improve and to always evolve.”
Over the years they have built an amazing life together with their business, friends, family, and the Santa Clarita community. When asked how they make it last, Mike replied, “Love is a choice you make every single day, you have to think about the rewards, benefits, consequences, and how it will affect the other.” Ann-Marie proposed, “It’s worth it, if you work for it.” They continued with, “you have to have a dynamic personality, and stay diverse.” They also keep the love alive by taking time for just the two of them. Mike and Ann-Marie are travel enthusiast and take many trips throughout the year together.
For the past five years, Team Bjorkman at Home Smart Realty has been known as one of the top real estate agencies, with four offices located throughout Southern California in Northridge, Westlake, Valencia and Palmdale. Additionally, they own California Leasing (previously SCV Leasing) since 2007. Their plans for the future is to remain as one of the top realty and leasing offices in Southern California and grow in their next venture of Trinity Tek, a maker of quality tech products for cellphones. Team Bjorkman also will continue to give back and remain a staple in the Santa Clarita Valley.