Meet Diana Cusumano – Santa Clarita resident and owner of Interior Dimensions, Inc.

by | Mar 27, 2018 | Closeup

She turned her passion into a career, her creations into works of art.
Diana’s business offers one-of-a-kind hand-painted personalized items to enhance the dining experience. From olive oil bottles to dipping dishes, wine glasses and carafes, each item is hand-painted by Diana, each a timeless beauty for generations to come.
While Diana has always had an eye for beauty and keen sense of detail, it wasn’t until years after a career in the classroom when she decided to pursue her passion for painting.
“I couldn’t find an olive oil bottle that I liked, so I created my own” said Diana. “I’m Italian, I love to cook and I love to serve my food with beautiful things.”
After creating her own piece of artwork, Diana took a leap of faith and branched out to build her business.
“The women I know are really good about changing the direction in their lives and building on their strengths,” said Diana. “Women have a good sense of adventure, and as a whole, we get things done.”
Diana’s business success was almost instantaneous, and decades later, she remains busy with her craft.
“Every piece is like one of my children, my painting is my signature.”
Diana has two design motifs that she uses on her items: the olive motif of The Olive Fantasy line and the grape motif of The Grape Fantasy line.
“These are classic designs that never go out of style,” she said.
Each item is handcrafted, without the use of decals. Diana can personalize most bottles and dishes, and her inventory ranges from dishes to serving bowls, platters and more. Diana also offers a unique collection of Italian proverb dishes that come with translation papers.
“It’s all about enhancing the experience of serving food.”
Diana’s success is driven by commitment, learning from her mistakes and growing from them. Her reputation as an artist is based on integrity and professionalism.
“Sometimes in life you have to take the side roads, maybe it will work, maybe it won’t,” said Diana. “But I think that we’re not built as human beings to have it easy,” said Diana. “When we are challenged, and when we have to prove and achieve goals, we are stronger, and our success is so much sweeter. You build a strong life on that.”
You can have your own unique hand painted grape and olive design by ordering online at