Painting My World Colorful with Naomi Young

by | Mar 27, 2018 | Closeup

From the moment you meet Naomi Young you can sense the excitement with which she approaches both her art and life overall. You can instantly feel the love, respect and passion for her home country expressed in vibrant color.
Naomi was born in Jerusalem, Israel. At age seven Naomi was asked by her teacher to read in front of third-graders at her school. As a reward for her excellent reading she was given a yellow crayon. That crayon meant a lot for the little girl that didn’t have a crayon box to her name. It became her inspiration.
At age 18, Naomi joined the Israeli Defense forces working for the military governor. Fluent in 3 dialects of Arabic, she worked in Intelligence during the Yom Kippur War. She learned that she was capable of doing unusual missions. It was a life changing experience.
After the war, with her earning, as a waitress and a tour guide in Jerusalem she bought a plane ticket to America. In 1977 while in LA she met her future husband, Dennis on a blind date, six weeks later they secretly wed and within a year they flew to Israel for their big wedding.
In 2003, Naomi enrolled their youngest son in an art class where she decided to learn with him and other young kids. That class ignited enormous passion in her to paint. Years later she’s an artist whose colorful art adorn her poetry books. She paints her world colorful and happy. People react to her art in a very positive way because colors make us happy. Now she’s making up for lost time, finding her purpose and living her dreams.
It says in the Talmud, documents of the rabbininc law, that “10 measures of beauty came down to the world, Jerusalem received nine of them.” Jerusalem’s beauty is truly unique with its towers, iron doors, arches and many domes. It’s surrounded by an ancient wall that King David built when he made Jerusalem the capital of Israel.
She’s been a Hebrew school teacher for 35 years. She teaches her students that you can walk in Jerusalem where Kings and prophets once walked, but it’s also a modern thriving city that has a light train running through it and outdoor cafés and restaurants. Her wish is that her beloved Jerusalem- the city of peace will finally know peace once and for all.
She’s grateful for the support of her loving husband and their amazingly talented children who always encourage her to follow her passions. She hopes that her story inspires others to follow theirs.
Naomi Young is a contributing columnist for several local publications and artist living in Santa Clarita. Her solo art show displaying her colorful paintings and mosaics is called: “DOMES”. It will be available for viewing at the Newhall library until May 11, 2018.
For a touch of color and to see more of her work, please visit Naomi Young’s website




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