Putting a Smile on Your Face with Jet Jurgensmeyer

by | Mar 27, 2018 | Closeup

Jet Jurgensmeyer just wants to put a smile on your face, and at only thirteen years old already displays the traits of a veteran performer. Known for his roles in The Little Rascals Save the Day”, “Legends of the Hidden Temple”, and “Adventures in Babysitting” (to name a few), this Santa Clarita resident is one of the hardest working teens in Hollywood.
Earlier this year, Jurgensmeyer released his first single, “Everything Will Be Alright.” The catchy, heartfelt track is a testament to his abundance of talent and enthusiasm for sharing that talent with others. “We’ve had a lot of positive feedback. In November, we played the song at my birthday party. I got to see my friends get up and start dancing and singing along to a song they’d never heard before, that wasn’t going to be out until January. Being able to stand up there and see how much people loved it, I was like, ‘This is it. This is what I love to do. This is what I love to see.’”
Jurgensmeyer’s interest in performing began 10 years ago at the tender age of three. After playing guitar, singing, and telling jokes on stage, a family friend suggested Jurgensmeyer get into acting. And the rest is history. Jurgensmeyer has dedicated his life to doing what he loves. “On the acting side, I love how I get to play a character that was actually like a real person when it’s a true story. I’m telling a story through this person’s eyes. And on the singing side, I always just love making people laugh and making people smile. I don’t consider acting or singing a job. I consider it doing what I love and what I want to do with my life. And like I said, it’s all about putting a smile on peoples’ faces.”
Close bonds with his parents and grandparents have played an important role in Jurgensmeyer’s ability to pursue his dreams. He attributes his success to his family’s unwavering support. “My parents have always been right there with me. They’ve always told me that if this is what you want to do, we’ll support you through everything, and they have. They have since I was three, when I started getting up on stage. I’m thirteen now, so I think it’s working out.”
As talented as he is, Jurgensmeyer fully understands that hard work is just as important if someone wants to truly succeed in life. “If you want to be the first person on Mars, go be the first person on Mars. You can do it as long as you work at it, and that’s something that I do every day. I practice my guitar. I practice singing. I have to study lines today for a screen test. It’s just something that you have to constantly keep working at.” With so much talent and a work ethic well beyond his years, Jurgensmeyer has a bright future ahead of him, and he’s here to stay.
For more information and to stay connected to Jet Jurgenmeyers go to www.jetjurgensmeyer.com

Photos by The Riker Brothers



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