Snow Orthodontics Will Make You Smile

by | Mar 27, 2018 | Dynamic Couple

When people in Santa Clarita and the Antelope Valley want a truly dazzling smile, they turn to Snow Orthodontics, the professionals who have treated 80,000 patients. Their motto is, “Beauty with class,” and that reflects all aspects of the practice.
“The idea is that we want our office to look that way, we want to dress that way, we want to treat our patients that way and we want to treat each other that way,” says Dr. Gilbert Snow, founder of Snow Orthodontics. It’s a motto that the Snow Orthodontics’ staff lives up to every day.
Dr. Gilbert Snow and Dr. Daniel Azani, who manages Snow Orthodontics offices in Santa Clarita and Encino, have worked together for 15 years, and have become the region’s dynamic duo of orthodontics.
Dr. Snow began the practice in 1971 in Palmdale, purchased another practice in Lancaster, and since then Snow Orthodontics has continued to grow. “We have 13 practices, from Encino to Ridgecrest and out to Esperion, Tehachapi, Lancaster and Palmdale,” says Dr. Snow.
Dr. Azani notes that the 5,000-square-feet at 27421 Tourney Road office in Valencia, like each of Snow Orthodontics’ offices, offers the best in orthodontics care.
“We have all the most current advances in orthodontic treatment,” says Dr. Azani. “This includes all of the latest technology. Our patients are our number one priority. What’s most important is that they leave with a nice smile.” Each office visit is made easy and stress-free for the patient. “They can come in, and if they choose, can get started on braces on the same day,” he says.
Snow Orthodontics is one of the country’s leading providers of Invisalign corrective treatment, which uses clear liners to straighten teeth. Invisalign has a number of benefits over traditional braces. They look nicer than braces, patients can eat what they want, can remove the liners at any time, including mealtime, and they experience a more comfortable fit than that of traditional braces.
“We tell people, if you’ve been told that Invisalign won’t work, come and see us, because we can treat almost any case” says Dr. Snow, adding that Snow Orthodontics has treated around 6,000 patients with Invisalign.
In addition to providing top orthodontic care, Snow Orthodontics is dedicated to contributing to the community. In Palmdale, Snow Orthodontics started a children’s dental clinic that for 35 years provided free dental care for kids in the Antelope Valley. Around 8,000 school children were treated each year. The program was dissolved about two years ago because DentaCal and other funds began providing dental coverage to children in need.
Snow Orthodontics continues to donate its time and talents to the communities it serves. In Santa Clarita they offer a mouth guard program in conjunction with the city’s Parks and Recreation Department and the schools. Free mouth guards, valued at $400 each, are provided at no cost to Santa Clarita football players, and free dental exams are provided to the city’s children.
Both Dr. Snow and Dr. Azani agree that one of the greatest rewards of providing excellent orthodontic treatment is seeing the results.
“When people have their teeth straightened, they come into the office afraid to smile, and they leave showing off their smile,” says Dr. Snow. “Every time we see them we want to make their day a better day.”
For more information contact Snow Orthodontics at 661-799-0775. Visit them at 27421 Tourney Rd #180, Valencia or go to

Photo by Alexander Hafizi