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The same folks that have brought you Cocktails on the Roof – myself, Amy Daniels, Marlee Lauffer and the entire WiSH Education Foundation committee – have a new event, due to your demand for wine, and it’s coming up fast Wine on the Roof…Dine on the Roof: A Collaborative Experience will take place on May 17! All of the details for this new rooftop event will be on our Facebook group page and the Cocktails on the Roof website
Why wine? Because Marlee and I are kind of known for being interested in wine. A few pals had complained that they missed us doing a wine event. So…this is what we have for you:
You will taste a minimum of five different wines that have not been released until the night of the event. All selected by Steve Lemley, our new co-host and the co-owner of Pulchella Winery and SCV Custom Crush Services – the latter is where Lemley has been consulting winemaker for no less than 20 new commercial wineries.
“I’m honored to be co hosting the event,” Lemley commented. “There’s so many world class wines being produced right here in our Valencia winery and this is a wonderful opportunity for the SCV to be introduced to some of the winemakers we work with in our facility. Five talented chefs (at least) working with five locally produced wines…a pairing truly unique.”
You will have a minimum of five different dishes from five different local restaurants – specifically paired to the wines. A small menu will accompany each course with notes on the dish and the wine.
There will be several winemakers and wine educators in attendance. You may have one at your table, for the sole purpose of answering questions about the wine you are tasting, and general questions you might have about wine.
At press time we are still working on seating: it may be a long serpentine layout of joined tables, or rounds of six or more for more private dining.
One of our valuable media sponsors is the Magazine of Santa Clarita and Elite Magazine, so expect to see Associate Publisher Alex Hafizi taking photos at a step and repeat area near our check in.
100% of your ticket goes to the WiSH Education Foundation that serves all of our middle schools and high schools, 23,000 students, in the Hart District.
Tickets and more details can be found here:
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