Best Friends Through the Years

by | May 18, 2018 | Looking Back

Love is the fire that is sparked from friendship; understanding and mutual respect are the flint, while the good and bad times are the branches that make up the kindling. For the past 25 years that ember has burned bright for Sean and Zizi Pieterse (pronounced Petersen without the “n”). The two met by chance when they were professional dancers in South Africa. Sean saw a video of her performing and thought to himself, “who is that…she’s hot!” Soon after he went to see one of her shows and meet her in person. “I thought he was quite handsome but I was involved with someone else,” said Zizi. After a while her relationship at the time ended and a friendship began to bloom. Eventually, the two could not help but fall in love and in November 1993 they were married. Recalling the years, Zizi shared, “He is my rock and is always making me laugh”.
As a young married couple they had a sense of adventure and embarked on a journey together. “We traveled all over the world performing acts together with dance and acrobats,” Sean shared. They worked on several contracts including world cruises and routines for Merve Griffin Resorts International Hotels. Their world tour began coming to an end and the young couple wanted to start settling down. In 1993, the pair welcomed home a beautiful baby girl, Sasha. For the sake of their baby girl, Sean and Zizi went on the search for a place where their little girl could thrive. “We wanted to settle somewhere for our daughter to be what she wants to be,” Sean shared. With many promising places the United States quickly became in the top few. “We have been on both sides of the U.S. and it was the perfect place to go”.
Eventually landing in the Santa Clarita Valley the Pieterse family has built a great life. From adventuring around the world to raising their daughter, Sean and Zizi are having the time of their lives. Recently, their daughter has become a fantastic actress landing roles on family favorites like ABC’s Pretty Little Liars. Huge on community involvement Sean and Zizi still perform with local dance companies. In an exclusive interview with élite Magazine, one can feel the fondness they have for each other. Sean endearingly stated, recalling how he feels about his wife, “She is absolutely, stunningly perfect”.
With the years passing and the love still growing Sean and Zizi Pieterse will embark on another adventure as they say farewell to the Santa Clarita Valley and make their new home in Fort Collins, Colorado this summer. They are also celebrating their daughter’s wedding in Ireland.
For the past 25 years they have truly honed what it means to find your person. When posed with the question “how do you make it last, Sean replied ,“ I have been fortunate enough to have found my best friend, we are always laughing, you have to keep things funny.” Zizi replied, “you have to have things to do together and have mutual respect for things you do on your own.”